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Tomahawk Summer Camp

Tomahawk Scout Reservation is located on Long Lake in Northern Wisconsin, 20 miles north of Rice Lake. Tomahawk encompasses 2,500 acres with eight miles of shoreline. Tomahawk is the council's Boy Scout and Webelos summer camp. Navajo Webelos Camp facilities include a dining hall, swimming beach, nature area, archery, BB gun range, campsites, warm showers and activity areas. Fourty campsites within three Boy Scout camps, Chippewa, Sioux, and White Pine are camped each summer by over 5,200 Scouts, and over 1,500 leaders.

Tomahawk Scout Reservation offers a variety of programs. The staff is committed to work with your troop to meet your program needs. A camp commissioner will help plan special program requests. Your camp program commissioner will work with you and the camp staff to do our very best to make your stay at Tomahawk enjoyable.

Tomahawk offers program opportunities designed for troops, patrols and individual Scouts. Programs have been designed for new Scouts and returning Scouts.

Tomahawk also offers three different Boy Scout camps, which offer different dining facilities. The full service camp fee is $120 (plus $2 food tax).

Chippewa Camp

Chippewa offers a Dining Hall with a Wednesday cookout day for all campers. Your troop will eat family style in a 350 person dining hall located in Chippewa Camp.

Chippewa Camp offers C.O.P.E., merit badge sessions, rock climbing, horses, mountain biking, canoe treks, climbing tower, windsurfing, golf, Brownsea, nature, Scoutcraft, rifle, archery, sailing, Foxfire and many more activities for your troop.

Sioux Camp

Sioux campers will have heater stacks delivered to their campsite with already prepared food. You will also participate in the Wednesday cookout day for all campers.

Sioux Camp offers the same activities as Chippewa Camp.

White Pine

White Pine campers will have their meals under an open air pine log dining shelter. The meals are brought in from the central kitchen and served family style.

White Pine Camp is the newest camp at Tomahawk. It offers a unique blend of the other camps with a unique dining shelter, platforms for the tents in each campsite, and new program areas. White Pine Camp offers a climbing tower, merit badge sessions, sailing, canoe treks, shooting sports, and much more.

Tomahawk Snow Base also operates at Tomahawk Scout Reservation. Spearhead is a challenging outdoor winter camping experience for Boy Scouts and Explorers 13 years of age or older. Snow Huskies is for Scouts who are 11 and 12 years old.

1997 Timetable To Summer Camp

JANUARY & MARCH - Parents' and Tomahawk information nights.
MARCH - Tomahawk Scoutmaster Handbook Available
APRIL 1 - $25.00 camper deposit fee due.
- Family Island cabin confirmation fee due ($40.00).
JUNE 13-14 - Camp leader briefing at Tomahawk (for new leaders)
JUNE 14 - Tomahawk Opens.

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N1910 Scout Road
Birchwood, WI 54817
FAX: 715-354-3497 (June - September 1)

393 Marshall Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55102
FAX: 612-224-7239

"No person shall: on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age (open to all males ages 11 through 17 and males and females in the Explorer program ages 15 through 21), or handicap (home units provide the special staffing skills and equipment needs), be excluded from participation."