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TNT Poems And Things

Hello my name is Teresa I live in Illinois and have two sons 9 & 16, the love of my life. I just got a new job, go to school. On here there will be poems I have written links I like. I am working on some new poems but with school I am taking a lot longer to write.

I want to thank everyone that has viewed my homepage and signed my guestbook. It puts a huge smile on my face to know there are people that enjoy what I have done. Please leave an e-mail if possible I would like to thank you personally for viewing my page.

Please sign my guest book, all comments are welcomed...

I just found out that some of my poems will be published. I am very excited to here this news, and wanted to share it with everyone.

I am happy that so many people have enjoyed my poems and are sharing them with friends and family. All I ask is that you give me credit for them and even give them my homepage to look at. Thanks alot and may god bless you all.

Poems I Have Written

Do You Know: For my sons
My Friend: For my internet friends
Remember That Night:
Starting Over:
To My Son's: My sons
Where Do I Belong:
What is a smile:
My Job:
My Computer:
I Still Do:
My Dreams:
Uplifthing Things:
Seeing You--new:
A New Day: New 10-27-98
A Wish For You: new 10-27-98
Love: New 10-28-98
THANK YOU: To You From Me
My Mother: New poem 10-30-98 for my mom
My Guardian Angel: new poem 11-3-98
Feelings: new poem 12-3-98
Your Number: new poem 12-15-98
Lets Not Say Goodbye: new poem 12-16-98

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