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"Finally The Rock Has Come Back To, The Internet?"

My name is Daniel Lusby, yes LUSBY, and I am a humble resident of one of the many boring towns in the glorious state of Oregon. I am a three sport athlete, hard working student, and most importantly, a BACHELOR! (ACTUALLY, NOT FOR LONG...HEHEHE.) I have a kick butt job, and I like to make people laugh, as you probably are reading this excuse for a page. As to my other interests, I am not fascinated by some of the natural wonders of life, like stars, the ocean and strippers. I, for one, am highly amazed with professional wrestlers. Why an individual would want to portray themselves like that on a television show makes no sense to me. But who am I to say bad acting stinks to watch on the tube. I am currently embarking on a journey to watch all 100 hours of exclusive world cup soccer coverage without going to sleep. I have already failed, after just two hours! Well, to wrap up this melting pot of a story, i would just like to say that "sportscenter junkies" like myself are cool people. I am not an axe murderer, a drag queen, or fast food worker. (sorry trav) I am a dignified young man....who is always looking for a date. I am often referred to as "Sweet Lu" by my sports buddies, but everyone else just calls me "The Great One"......The man below, is known as that to...He is the most electrifying man in all of wrestling...The Great One, The Brauma Bull......He is The Rock!

Take the time to sign/fill out my guest book. If you don't, I am gonna turn this page sideways....and stick it straight up your candy ass! AND, I might as well check your monkey ass into the Smackdown Hotel Jabroni! If you smell what I am cookin?

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Below is the top two celebrities, ranked by how cool they are, along with the loser of the week.

What can I say..Dennis Rodman is the man. Through all the controversy, he remains cool, and gets all the hot chicks. Leads the league in rebounds, technicals, and ejections every year. Who else can do that? He most recently defeated the Mailman, Karl Malone for the second time in as many months. Show me someone more deserving than Rodzilla.

Michael Jordan is simply the greatest sports hero and figure of all time. He is the total package: He is an all league defender; the NBA's leading scorer every year he has played; he has been MVP sixth times; he can dunk, pass, shoot the fade-away J; and he is just plain UNSTOPPABLE! Who wouldn't pay money to watch his heirness? I WANT TO BE LIKE MIKE....

And the loser is....

Everyone hates Hanson, except for unaware eight year olds. Not only do the songs stink, they are played too often, since they're "prodigys". Well, I have one suggestion for them. !CUT THAT HAIR! What the hell does hmmbop mean anyway?

??Do You Know Your Sports Terminology??

Sit On It Pazzy
Referring to baseball pitchers, and there rude excusal of batters by a third strike rule. Most commonly executed by Randie Johnson, Kerry Wood, and Curt Schilling. (seen at right)

This is the appropriate way for a golfer to say "I suck, so my ball is heading straight towards you." If you hear this exclamation, run for cover, because you are the new target. (you'll never hear HIM yelling it!)

To Take To School
Used when a offensive player makes his opponent look like a rented piece of garbage. Usually said while flying by for a dunk or lay-up. (as Michael is portraying)

Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!!
Made famous by Michael Buffer. Marks the beginning to the Main Event.

The Man's Top Hobbies

  1. Golfing (Varsity Member)
  2. Boogie Boarding (Hang Ten)
  3. Basketball (Varsity Wing)
  4. Football (Varsity Quarterback)
  5. Hanging Out With The Women Folk- !Don't worry ladies, these aren't prioritized!

"Daniel's Comedy Corner"
"Daniel's WCW Update"
"Daniel's Southpark Wrestling Figures"

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Damn Skippy!

Daniel Lusby