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The Amazing New Way to "LOSE WEIGHT While You Sleep!"

We have a problem.
We are all facing it. It's been over 20 years since the fitness revolution began. We go to gyms, eat right, take supplements and spend over 40 billion a year on weight loss and fitness. All to look and feel good.

It isn't working.
We are losing the battle. Over 1/3 of all North Americans are overweight. We are, on average, 8 pounds heavier than we were 15 years ago!

This creates huge health risks.
Severely overweight people run twice the risk of getting cancer, three times the risk of getting heart disease and up to 40 times the risk of developing diabetes.
And in some wild, crazy way we are losing not only our physical health but our emotional well-being. We carry around the burden of the 10 to 15 extra pounds and pay the price with each bite of food.

Why is this happening?
Firstly, it's not totally our fault. The world has changed and we must adapt. Our bodies were made to expend more Calories throughout the day. Modern technology and our new, more sedentary life-styles, have created this dilemma. In spite of this, modern technology, along with nature, has given us the solution. It's a product called CALORAD, distributed by a company aptly named Essentially Yours.

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