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Starting a coif

Now that you know how to make basic chain mail, you want to make something. Problem is what to make. Hear is how I start a Coif.

Close 8 rings and connect them into 1 If you are using a small I. D. you might want to use a little bigger center ring.

Connect 1 ring into 2 rings, you will be putting in 8 rings.

If you just continued putting in 1 ring into 2 you will end up with a very small tube of chain mail. The next step is to expand the number of rings in each row. To do this you need to insert what I call a doubling ring. A doubling ring is a ring that is attracted to only one of the rings. Depending on personal preferences you can add 8 rings, 1 between each ring, or 4 rings, 1 ring between every other ring. If you add 8 your next row will have 16 rings in it, if you add 4 it will only have 12. Put in rows until the rings start getting stretched out (8 will be about 5 rows, 4 will be about 2 rows) add more doubling rings (in the same pattern, between every ring or between every other ring depending on how you started). Continue adding rows and doubling rings until your chain is big enough to cover the top of your head (between 80 to 100 rings per row depending on ring size and head size). Stop adding doubling rings and continue adding rows. Keep putting it on your head to measure it adding rows until it comes down to your eyes. Measure the space you need for your face and leave that area open. Continue adding rows until you are down to your shoulders. At this point you need to work in the rings you left out for your face. You will also need to add a few doubling rings over the shoulders so that the chain mail will have enough rings to be able to lie over your shoulders. You will just have to play with it at this point to get a good fit. Each face and head is different so I can't tell you how many rings need to be added. Good luck and have fun.

Tyrail Goodman

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