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Cletic Wicca and Me

last updated 10-11-00

Years ago with my search for life's meaning I did not know what I was looking for and tried finding that meaning in many things religion being one of them.

I found that the Celtic beliefs were closes to my heart and try to follow the "Rede" in my everyday life. The biggest problem's that I have found is the believes of uninformed people that let Hollywood tell them what a wiccan (witch) is and that most think that sense I have a pentagram that I am a devil worshiper. I have but one question for them: How can I worship something that I don't believe in?

I make chain mail mainly as a therapy for my hand that was broken several times during my hard life. I learned how to make basic chain back in 1969 after an injury to my hand. I just keep making it and trying different things just to see if I could do it.

May life be prosperous for you always!

Tyrail Goodman

Goodman's Armor

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