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Wendy Tedford
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Donna Stearne


A steady drizzle obscured the crime scene to passersby as detectives went about the gruesome task of securing the sight for later forensic tests. April was usually rainy but that April seemed just that much wetter than most. The stadium sized vacant field bordered on the west side by factories and to the east by working class homes had ironically been the perfect choice for shielding the two schoolgirls bodies from curious onlookers, as no doubt the killer(s) had considered the night before with sinister reasoning. Not until Friday morning at about 8:20a.m. on the 27th were the girls bodies discovered by a schoolboy short cutting his way to school. Their bodies were found laying fully clothed side by side and head to foot. Both had been shot to death at close range with a handgun. No sign of a struggle was apparent.

Wendy Tedford and Donna Stearne had been reportedly last seen alive at the Sit n' Eat Burger on Keele St. North near Wilson Ave. by a boy who knew them casually and had seen them enter the restaurant at around 11p.m. the evening of the 25th.The two had been to Yorkdale Shopping centre earlier in the evening to do a bit of shopping. No one saw them leave the burger place which was roughly 3/4 of a mile (1.5km.) from the crime scene.

No motive has ever been established and no suspect(s) have ever been apprehended in these murders. If you know anything regarding the murder of Wendy Tedford and Donna Stearne we want to hear from you. Anything you know, no matter how insignificant you might consider it to be, might trigger a memory or a word spoken at that time which might in turn lead to the arrest of the perpetrators of this horrific crime. Enough time has passed already. Contact us by e-mail or phone Metro Toronto Homicide, and ask for Det. Bob Wilkinson at: (416) 808-7400

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