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Each site being considered for an award will be visited and ranked. The ranking system is as follows:

  • Admiral
One of the best sites on the Internet
  • Captain
An Excellent site, on it's way to becoming Admiral
  • Commander
A good site, on it's way to becoming Captain,well worth visiting
  • Lieutenant
An average site, maybe a few broken links, not a lot of information
  • Ensign
Usually a site under construction, misspelled words, broken links

If you have already recieved an award, but would like to be re-evaluated feel free to fill out the form and apply again


Before applying for this award, please make sure your site has no adult or illegal material,has no broken images or links, and has at least five pages.Any areas that are under construction or have links that don't work because of the construction will not be counted against you if there are warnings clearly visible that the links do not work yet.  Link-only sites will not receive recognition. The site should not take too long to load. If it does, it should be well worth the wait. Please link any awards back to this awards page.

Apply for the Federation Shipyards Award of Excellence by sending an  E-mail request or by filling out the application form below. I will only award sites that qualify on content, creativity, and individuality.

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