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For All Of My Relations

I am honored we crossed paths.
I will guide you on your journey through the Lodge.
Come and join me here by the fire.

As we gaze into the dancing flames,
I will show you how to journey down the pathways into my world.
There are many places to visit in and around the Lodge.
We see the scene begin to unfold in the middle of the flames.
The voices are soft but compelling. Men, women and children sweep
through the countryside, in ever changing scenes...
as each link leads you along another path.

Look not always to the destination of the Journey,
But at all things along the way.

Within these pages are the whispers of the many and various twists
and turns that my journey has taken me on. Here you will find the connection
to the different parts of myself... intuitive, emotional, spiritual self...
and the shadow self that we try to keep hidden and even deny...
Welcome Page

Our attention is drawn away from the fire
to a scene outside the Lodge.
Rapid changes are happening...
flat land turns into mountains,
barren desert becomes an ocean ...
ever present are the voices of the ancestors.

The voices of the earth, the sky, the water and the air.
The voices of the trees and stones, of the animals
that grace the land, water and air.
This pathway leads to the voices of All Of Our Relations

Cherokee and
American Indian



The very air around us is changing .
There is soft music, and ghosts of our ancestors float through the room.
The lighting is soft , and there is a feeling of Peace and Love

This pathway leads to the voice
of Personal Empowerment.
Here we experience our Guides,
we work with affirmations and visualizations,
as well as experiencing the worlds of the Medicine Wheel
and the Stone & Standing People.
Here we find many tools of
empowerment and healing...

The Red Road Spirit

We return to the Lodge,
to reveal a cozy place with
a computer in one corner, gracious seating groups and books of all manner and description.
One *knows* that this is a room of knowledge.
This pathway leads to my Brothers and Sisters around the World.

Friends Links

Sticks, Bones, Feathers and Stones

Unique Gifts and Jewelry
that share a glimpse into the
Art of Native American Handcrafting.

Please leave many "footprints" here in the Lodge
and don't forget to sign the lodge book...
let me know you were here.

Footprints along the Path

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Other Footprints
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Leave your Footprints
Awards & Gifts
Received & Given
Honor Given Where it's Due
Local Links
Holland Michigan

She steps across the ocean with one foot,
She stands over the great continents with another;
She reaches out and touches the Sun, without effort,
and caresses the face of the Sky Father