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There is a place she guards
She feels she's all alone inside
One day she lost her soul,
Now this place she calls her home

She stands above the mass
And watches with no head attached
A snake is wrapped around her feet,
A flabbard rock is now her bed

It's quiet, it's haunting, there's a howling from the wind
Although no one likes it here,
They're dying trying to get in

Offer her a flower and place it just right
One by one there are ten to touch
So touch them left to right

"Watch out," she says.
"Watch out," she says.
"I'm watching out for you."
"I know," I say.
"I know."

Don't you know she wants you to survive
Careful what you go and do tonight
There's darkness behind every door
Are you willing, are you willing to follow me blind?
Every moment that you might steal
Lonely places can reveal
The only way to win at this little game
Is to know your enemy, and trust who you can.

There's evil there's madness behind those baby blues
He's pulling all the strings he knows just what to do
There's no time to worry and no place to hide
If you don't watch out
You'll end up taking your last caddy ride

"I know," I say.
"I know. I'm on my way to you."
"Watch out," she says.
"Watch out."

~Alone Inside, Trip Cyclone

Welcome. This is my home, my sanctuary. This is where I escape those who would persecute me.
How did I come to be here, you ask? That is quite a long story.
I have written it down if you are really curious. Go to my library.
You may find the answers you seek there . . .

I spend many an hour relaxing in this place. I find it a nice change
from the hectic pace of the outside world.
Feel free to stay and absorb the atmosphere. Read the poetry of both me and those
who are my close companions. Find out about me.
Where I came from and what I do on the outside world. Be quaintly amused by the impromtu rhyming of The Poet's Band, members of the C*E*A.

Above all, place your hand upon my guestbook and leave your mark there so that your impressions of my sanctuary will become known to me.
The marks of those who have passed before you are also there.
What they had to say has influenced what you see before you.

As long as you stay to the lighted path, you will be safe. None will harm you, I will see to that.
I do not wish you to rush hastily through because of what might jump out at you.
Thus, any lighted and unlocked room is open to you. If it is unlocked, but unlighted, let me know. I
will place a light in the room right away. I thank you in advance.

Au revoir and bon chance, honored guest. Enjoy that which I have put here for you.

Place your hand upon the book and leave your mark there.

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See the marks left by those from long ago

Look upon the face of the vampyr.

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