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When we learn to see others through the eyes of love...
We learn that nothing is unforgiveable....
We learn that there is nothing greater than love...
Truely NOTHING.... as...

Love lightens a heavy heart...
Love fills us with calm and peace...
Love makes way for hope....
Love envelopes us in warmth and kindness....
Love lifts us up.....
Learning to see through the eyes of LOVE as taught...
by the wisest teacher ......
The Creator Of Love...and all that is good...

Eyes Of Love.... Written by:


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One Heart At A Time..
Produced and Created By ~~Vee~~~

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~~Expressions By Vee~~

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~Expressions & Reflections By Vee~~Greeting Cards Written From The Heart Of Vee~~

~Expressions & Reflections By Vee~
~Greeting Cards Written From The Heart Of Vee~~

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