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Weymouth Bus Rally 1984

Taken by John Griffiths

Thanks to Alan Watkins, Peter Relf we have some answers to the questions about this Rally.

1950 Leyland PS2, B.C.T. did not have many single-deckers in the 1960's, here is the first of its class, JOJ 231 (No. 2231), was one of 30 1950 Weymann-bodied Leyland Tiger PS2/1's with 34 seats. (MCCW B34F body). New to Birmingham City Corporation. The Corporation used these single deck buses on the route around Northfield / Kings Heath because if I remember there was a low railway bridge. To see this bus while it was in service, go to Rogers page in the links below.

1950 Bristol LL6B. with Duple C37F halfcab bodywork. LTA 898. Owned by Royal Blue. They used to run on the London Routes to Victoria.

1935 Bedford WLB CMG 30 with Duple C20R body.. New to Garner of Ealing (London)

1950 Leyland PD2/3 KEL 131.. with a Weymann FH58D body, which used to have two stairways as well as two entrances, the front one was later removed. New to Bournemouth Corporation This one is KEL 131...KEL 129, was burned out at the Chatham (Luton) arson attack on Maidstone & District a few years ago.

1958 Leyland PD3/1 TBC 164..Fleet number 164. New to Leicester Corporation. Owned and restored by the Leicester Museum of Technology.

1953 Bristol LS6GWith ECW C39F body. OTT 98.
The large compartment on the roof was a luggage rack which was mounted from the rear by steps laid into the body (eg, no ladders). I cannot remember them being used for luggage more than 2/3 times. These were the last vehicles built in Britain to sport such arrangements which had been traditional provisions on long distance coaches prewar. Engine underfloor was a six cylinder Gardner. Body is again ECW (Eastern Coachworks)..
©text Alan Watkins 1998

1949 Leyland PD/26RT With Leyland H56R body.London Transport RTW 185. KLB 915.

1953 AEC Regal IVWith Metro-Cammel B39F body. NLE 603 London Transport.

1948 Bristol L6B chassis rebodied with a full-fronted 1958 ECW B39F body.
Reg Number JUO 943.. Western National.

1961 AEC Regent V318 AOW With ungainly, "top heavy" Park Royal H66R body. Southampton Corporation
© text A. Watkins 1998

BDV 259C Western National Sealink special. This Bus was used to ferry passengers between the Weymouth Railway Station to the Channel Islands boats at Weymouth Quay.

1952 Bedford ML With Lee Motors B20F body. New to Dorset County Council as a school bus.

1950 Bristol L5G With ECW B35R body. Lincolnshire Markings Fleet number 749..reg number FFW 830.

Leyland Titan TD4 Prewar Cumberland Motor Services, originally fitted with a Massey lowbridge body, but rebodied about 1950 by Eastern CoachWorks of Lowestoft. After withdrawal it ran for some years with Bartons in Nottinghamshire. Since sale by Bartons has been beautifully restored by a British preservationist and rallied in the UK.

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