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Captain Manoj Pandey


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Gallantry is beyond all worldly barriers, It shines alone like the sun. A remarkable soldier Capt. Manoj Pandey.

 Known since the evolution of mankind, solider never quits till he is dead.

For the sacrifice to protect the nation leaves a void in the hearts, but gives a feeling, to feel proud.

Capt. Manoj Pandey was brought a in all ethnic and patriot atmosphere in his family.

A scholar from Sainik school, joined NDA on 29th June'93.   Excelled with his sincere efforts to become a true Indian solider. A soldier at heart, a soldier at mind and all of himself, forever. His capability made him to drop the engineering career before joining NDA.

Par excellence made him second to none, in his one year tenure at IMA. Joined the Indian Army, the dream come true day 6th June 1997. Blessed with valiance from the soul, got posted at Kashmir, the first posting. Thereafter, Manoj never looked back, conquering all fronts, in commando training, at Infantry School, MHOW. Obviously his sincerity awarded him again to be at the Siachin front.

He left Siachin on 15th February 1999, spent a few days with his family at Lucknow. Joined back on 16th March 1999.

Never did anyone know the things to come, but for him to face the real challenge at Kargil was his long awaited wish. On 26th May '99 he made his last call to his home at Lucknow, last letter written to parents was on 18th June '99.

The devoted soldier fought back the assault on the boundaries of nation, conquering battles of the victorious Kargil war. Victory touched Manoj's feet, and so did his sacrifice on 3/7/99.

Immortal, the victory, the soldier…Capt. Manoj Pandey.

The valiance, honored by the highest gallantry award of the nation, "PARAM VIR CHAKRA" on 14 th Aug '99 to commemorate his joining anniversary.

A tribute to the brave knight, Capt. Manoj Pandey.


Contact Address

Shaheed Captain Manoj Pandey

S/o Sri G. C. Pandey

1 / F790, Vishal Khand, Gomti Nager, Lucknow, U.P.