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Welcome to NYI NYI n OSCAR dot paw.  My cats didn't get the chance to go take typing courses last year at the Uni"fur"sity, so I had to set up the site and do all the typing for them. They do so enjoy seeing the pictures of themselves on the www. Thanks for dropping by!

NEWI just added Cat Album 2 picture page for my new cats to the household, featuring a FlipBook Applett by Anfy. Don't miss it.

NEWThe download page was just updated to include a second Ocicat Pastel Wallpaper to download to your computer for desktop enjoyment.

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Oscar the cat

NYINYInOSCAR.paw is a fun-type website dedicated to my feline family NyiNyi the Burmese and Oscar the  Ocicat, and newcomers to the house, Vincent and Dannie!

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CHECK OUT the Download Page fur a Burmese Desktop Theme and a couple of Christmas Cat ICQ Skins! NEW! Ocicat Wallpaper just added with more to come. And be sure to visit the Cat Links Page fur great cat-sites!

Anfy Team

Website Established 12/1/2000

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Cats Rule

04/03/04 : latest update


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