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All These Photos taken by Nikon CP990,resolution 2048X1536,Basic(compression ratio 16:1),auto white balance,matrix metering,programmed auto.
All photos have been resized to 1024X768 for easy download,no modify or enhance

These photos was taken at night.exposure from 1sec~8secs

last moon photo is adjust level by Photoshop

These photos using Kenko 8X32 with Nikon CP990

These photos using CP990+Nikon TC-E2(X 2)+Olympus A-200(X 1.5)-----Total 9X
All these photos resolution 2048 X 1536.using Photoshop compress to 50% for easy
modify or enhance

and these photos using CP990+Nikon TC-E2(X 2)+Olympus A-200(X 1.5) with external Nikon flash SB-24

Another Tele-Lens Using:------

I have been sold out my Kenko 8X32 , felt missing somthing,so I trying to get another tele-lens,but not so much tele-lens to choose,so I decided to try another unknown lens.finally I found some lens have a clear,sharp,less vignetting,and more was my experiment of using these lens.

The first lens was monocular 10X50.made from Russia.I used my hand-make adaptor to attach my CP990.The image quality was sharp,little bit chromatic aberration,CP990 zoom to F2.8(below have a table that describe the zoom range)would no vignetting.

Below photos was taken by CP990+10X50 Russia monocular.


The second lens was Minolta standard Binocular XL 10X50W (this lens was not Activa.this was old model,I could found out in some shops).I cut this binocular by saw to changed to monocular(I'm crazy),and also used my adaptor attached to my CP990.This lens image quality was sharp. little bit chromatic aberration.CP990 zoom to F2.6(below have a table that describe the zoom range)would no vignetting.

Below photos was taken by CP990+Minolta Standard XL 10X50.


The third lens was Minolta Activa 10X50W binocular(this new model was replaced Minolta Standard XL 10X50W),I also cut this binocular as a monocular too.and same used my adaptor for attach to my CP990. the image quality is sharp but not better than Minolta standard XL 10X50W,and have many chromatic aberration .so I gave up this lens .....sorry have no photos to demo


The fourth lens was Canon 15X50IS binocular,.because all the previous binocular have been cut off,and I actually want a normal binocular for watching star,so I choose 15X50IS,this lens have image stabilizer,good for watching star without using tripod(also good for taking tele photos without using tripod).Oop.... this time I would not cut this binocular.but of course I would not gave up to used this binocular for taking photos,so I made a mounting plate for connect CP990 to this binocular.this lens quality was to edge.better than all binocular and monocular I have been used.a little bit chromatic aberration.CP990 zoom to F3(below have a table that describe the zoom range)will no vignetting.

Below photos was taken by CP990+Canon 15X50IS Binocular.some photos was using image stabilizer because shutter was under 1/30


This table is for CP990

Zoom range at P mode
Exposure scale will change from F2.5~F4.0
when wide to zoom
(no light or dark condition)
F2.5 F2.6 F2.7 F2.8 F2.9 F3.0 F3.1 F3.2 F3.3 F3.4 F3.5 F3.6 F3.7 F3.8 F3.9 F4.0
CP990 magnify
1.0X 1.134X 1.268X 1.402X 1.536X 1.67X 1.804X 1.938X 2.072X 2.206X 2.34X 2.474X 2.608X 2.742X 2.876X 3X
Add on 10x lens 10X 11.34X 12.68X 14.02X 15.36X 16.7X 18.04X 19.38X 20.72X 22.06X 23.4X 24.74X 26.08X 27.42X 28.76X 30X
10X50 Russia lens no vignetting point <------ ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ---->
XL 10X50W lens no
vignetting point
<------ ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ----->
Add on 15X lens 15X 17.01X 19.02X 21.03X 23.04X 25.05X 27.06X 29.07X 31.08X 33.09X 35.1X 37.11X 39.12X 41.13X 43.14X 45X
15X50IS lens no
vignetting point
<----- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ----->


How to made the adaptor?
This have been described in my ETX page.(but this only for reference)

Why I choose Minolta 10X50W XL binocular?
Because 10X50 have a factor of 5 exit pupil.this will gave more light to digital camera,and also this binocular have a wide angle eyepiece,the eyepiece glass diameter have 23mm.this would cause less vignetting.
10X50W XL eyepiece compare with normal binocular.

How to fixed the eyepiece?
Because of cutting Binocular into two parts,one part eyepiece mounting is broken,so the eyepiece will drop freely.I used three small screws to locked the eyepiece.

and also I made a tripod mounting at another two cutting part

Can CP950 work with all this lens?
Yes,but the
vignetting would be different with CP990.My friend have been taken the other part of binocular for his CP950.

Was this lens easy focus?
Yes,I used Macro mode could focus at all zoom range.

What next?
Oh.....,I have been spent much money.give me a break. If I have more tele lens using,I will update my page.Thanks.