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Elizabeth As beautiful as she could be. Taylor

March 19, 1986 - April 30, 1998
12 yrs. old

Wasn't she beautiful? No, she wasn't the actress, Elizabeth Taylor ... but she does have beauty, doesn't she? That's what she was known for down here. Not only her beauty with that glowing red hair, those glistening eyes, her tiny red freckles, and her famous grin, but her love for others. She made fast friends wherever she went. And that is where my story begins.

Me and Lizzy a looong time ago on Halloween Holly, Elizabeth, and me at a girlscout meeting I moved to this little neighborhood complex in Marietta, GA in the middle of kindergarten. Elizabeth was in my new class which is how I met her. Then we found out she lived just down the street and we shared a bus stop. She became one of my best friends, inside my neighborhood and out. I was always welcomed by her family in her house and she was welcomed by mine. We practically lived at each other's houses for about three years.

My family and her family got along extremely well. Her mother was involved with a group of girls in a girlscout troop, which Elizabeth was a part of. I joined instantly. I've made sooo many friends from that troop of girls. Till this day, I'm still in the girlscout program.

My birthday at Chuckie Cheese Some kind of modeling show, I think We were great friends for a long time. We went to parties together. We went swimming together. We played at school together. I loved her like a sister and my parents (especially my father) loved her like a daughter. Until she moved that is. She moved at the end of 3rd grade to Pelham, GA that's on the borderline of Georgia and Florida. So it's a loooong way down from here.

We called. Well, actually, she called. That's my biggest regret. I took her phone calls and letters for granted. But I did listen when she talked about what was happening in her life. She was a cheerleader at her school and a model. She was very popular as she was up here too.

June 7th, 1997: The last time I saw Elizabeth. She came up to stay with our friend, Rachel who lives in the apartments surrounding my neighborhood. They called me and asked if I would like to see The Lost World with them. I said sure so they walked up and we saw the movie. Of course, I didn't think that would be the last time I saw her or else I would've spent a lot more time with them.

May 4th, 1998: When I found out what happened. It was Monday morning, and my best friend Kristin wasn't at school. I didn't think too much about it because she gets sick a lot. When I got home around 6pm from piano, the phone rang. It was Kristin and man, she sounded AWFUL! I asked if she had a cold and she started crying. These were her exact words: "Lizzy died." I didn't believe her of course. I called Elizabeth's house and her brother, Josh, picked up. I asked for Elizabeth. He paused for a while and said "She's deceased."

Westwood student, age 12, dies in car collision

Newspaper Unknown
By Joanne Hand

Twelve-year-old Elizabeth Taylor of Pelham, a Westwood Schools student, was killed in a two-car collision on the Old Pelham-Camilla Road Thursday. Her brother, Joshua Taylor, 16, who was driving the car, and the three occupants of the other car received minor injuries. Nelcole Bailey, 28, of Pelham was driving the other car; with her were two children, Dawn Ross, 11, and Horace Ross, 6 years. The Georgia State Patrol said the Taylor youths were headed south on the road about 4pm. Friends said they were on their way to their home in Pelham after leaving Westwood Schools in Camilla. The accident occured about three miles south of Camilla, a first reponder said. The Taylor 1988 Toyota crossed the center line on a curve and then swerved to avoid another car coming from the opposite direction. Ms. Bailey, headed north, swerved her Nissan Altima, at the same time as the Taylor car, and the cars collided, troopers said. The Taylors were not wearing seat belts; the occupants of the Bailey car were wearing seat belts, troopers said. The first responder said it had been raining and the road was slick. The child was taken to mitchell County Hospital where she died. No charges have been filed in the incident, the Georgia State Patrol said. The Patrol's Reconstruction Team is now investigating the accident.

Her family sent me three more newspaper articles, but I will give you a short summary of what they said. They talked about the funeral that was held the Sunday following the accident and how full the church. It also mentioned that professional counselors, ministers, and volunteers came into the school to help with some friends and classmates.

Elizabeth and her brother Josh.

So everyone, please learn from Elizabeth's mistake, and always wear a seatbelt.

There's her famous grin!

A big thank you to the Taylor family for sending me these pictures and articles.

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