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The Danger of Handgun Registration

Anybody who believes we can lower crime by "licensing" guns is being completely ignorant of one important fact:

Violent criminals don't care.  They will not register their guns.  The only people who will register their guns are honest citizens.  Then, when this plan fails to make an impact on the crime rate, these politicians will say, "Well, that didn't work.  I guess now we'll have to confiscate all guns."  Who will have their guns confiscated?  Not the criminals, because they didn't comply with the registration.  The only people who will be forced to give up their firearms will be the law-abiding citizens who were forced to register them.  By registering, your name is put into a federal database, so they know who has the guns when it's time to confiscate them.  But the Federal Government will have no record of guns in the hands of criminals.

The result:  The violent criminals will still have their guns, the honest Americans won't, and therefore won't have any means to defend themselves.  When this happens who are we going to blame?  We can only blame ourselves for supporting politicians like Diane Feinstein and Al Gore.  These people want to take away your right to defend yourself.  They might say otherwise, but actions speak louder than words.  Here's the kicker:  Once these rights are revoked, you can never, ever, get them back.

This whole "registration" nonsense would be hysterically funny if it weren't for the fact that a few poor misguided souls actually think it will work.  One can only hope that these people will wake up and realize that the only way to control crime is to control criminals.

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