Darth Vader Pez Dispenser in original package

Darth Vader Pez Dispencer

Vintage Darth Vader Pez Dispencer

As mint as you get, as it is in its original unopened container. This Darth Vader has little feet at the bottom (some have feet, some don't).

The Candy

Three packages of delicious Pez candy, two orange and one strawberry.

The Container

Original style cardboard container, not the new plastic poly wrap container (poly wrap containers are like the kind you get disposable shavers in). Plastic bubble is nice and clear, not all yellowed like many others you find.


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all nine original Star Wars Pez Dispensers Please check all Star Wars Pez Dispensers you are purchasing:
C-3PO ($5.00)
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Chewbacca ($5.00)
Luke Skywalker ($5.00)
Boba Fett ($5.00)
Ewok ($5.00)
Princess Leia ($5.00)

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