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Welcome to
Westmount Elementary
In The Heart of Beautiful British Columbia


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It is our mission at Westmount Elementary School to develop a community of life-long learners.We will encourage positive self-esteem and promote responsible attitudes.
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Our Students and Teachers

 *Westmount Elementary School is located in Kamloops, BC. Our school runs alongside the beautiful North Thompson River.  Westmount is a small neighborhood school with an enrollment of 189 students, from kindergarten to grade 7. Westmount was first opened in March 1976 and named after the Westmount Community in which it is located.
* Introduction by Michael Connelly


The Staff At Westmount
BACK: Gwen Abley, Doris Galbraith, Laurie McKichan, Ken Serl, Berni Renneberg, Rhian Landis, Ann-Marie Hunter
FRONT: Linda Thomas, Gerri Denbigh, Carolyn Eagles, Janet Mathieson, Ingrid Helfrich, Noralee Quast

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 Support Staff


Mr. Serl Our Principal
By Errol Vogt

Mr. Serl is our new principal as of January, 1999. Mr. Serl’s first name is Ken.  He started teaching in 1973, so he has been teaching for 26 years now.  But this is the first time at Westmount. 

The school that he has taught at are Kay Bingham, A.E. Perry, Dallas, Lloyd George, Logan Lake, Marion Schilling and now at Westmount.  Mr. Serl has also taught from grade 3 to 7. 

The sports that Mr. Serl enjoys helping out with are soccer, track and field and basketball.  Mr. Serl likes to coach sports, read stories and teach. 

The thing that Mr. Serl would like to do for the school is to make it a better place than it already is! 


School Events

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