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Racism In America And Abroad

This page is intended to inform and is in no way supporting the ideas or beliefs of extremist and hate groups in the United States or abroad.

My conviction to add these links to my home page was fueled by years of personal anger concerning hate and extremist groups. I never understood how a person could become an instrument for an organization filled with hate--until I studied these groups and the individuals associated with them. Although I now understand their reasons for the madness, I still dont view it as rational reasoning.

I encourage you to research the links that I have provided on this page. We could ignore the problem because it may not affect and effect our personal lives directly, yet that would be nearly the same as nuturing the roots of these groups. 'Tis better to understand, so when you have to take a stand, you know where you stand.




Center For The Study Of Hate And Extremism
University Based Study Center On Prejudice And Racism
FAQ's About Skins
Anti-Defamation League
Anti-Semitism Information Site
Nazi Fighter's Handbook
Give 'Em A Call and Hear It First Hand...Sca--ary!
Right And Left Wing Info
Site With Comparative Neo-Nazi Info
Police Links To Hate Groups, Terrorists & Radicals
Links Of Watch-Dog Groups And Hate Groups
U.S. Commission On Civil Rights
Where To Go When You Have An Issue
The Public Eye
Info On Combating Racism In Your Town
Artists Against Racism
Performing Artists Against Racism
The Melting Pot
Peace, Unity, Truth...One Soul At A Time
The King Center
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial...A Man Who Sparked The Conscious Of A Nation

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