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You may know of Bruce Willis the man. The man is not what this page is about. You can find all you want about Demi Moore on a Demi Moore page. I'm not concerned with his home life. This page is about Willis the hero. Willis the legend. Yes, even Willis the god.

The Willis that we all know is the Willis that we see on-screen. (Note: throughout the rest of my prostrations towards Bruce Willis, the term "Willis" will denote not the actor, but a composite of the best qualities of his characters, because I enjoy him for his fictional heroism, I don't know the man well enough to pass judgement on the real person). He's blown stuff up, killed bad guys, BEEN bad guys, smoked countless numbers of cigarettes (though less and less in the Die Hard's a shame), and done amazing things that only a house guy like Willis can do.

(House: strong, virile, muscular, "Big as a ____" Also entails having leadership qualities, calm under pressure, attacking dangerous situations with a smooth and confident presence, etc, etc, etc...)

How cool is Willis? Did you see Armageddon? If you haven't, I won't ruin the end for you, but if you have seen it then you know that Willis is one hell of a stand-up guy. Every time I watch that movie (which is often), I'm filled with a sense of American Pride. I don't often profess love for this country, but that movie makes me want to join the Marines.

My absolute favorite Willis movie would have to be Last Man Standing. Read my little spiel about it here.

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