History is silent as to whether there was any distinction in status be-tween the male and the female sexes during the beginnings of human civilization

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Glossary M
MA'ANI  pl.   -esoteric things   MA'ANA   singular

MABKHARAH   -a traditional incense burner used by the BEDUIN . Held under the beard it smokes the beard and robes and head cloth.

MA;'BUD   -The worshipped Allah

MADANI   - a person who originates from MADINA

MAHAHIB AL _FIQH    Plural  -Schools ofJurisprudence

FIRAQ    - Sects within Islam

ILM al HAL    -The set of books used by one MADHAB to teach their religion . An example is the set of books published by Waqf  Iklas[endless bliss series} in Istanbul .

MADHAHIB al-FIQH  ,pl. Schools of jurisprudence.

MADHAB   -All the rules which a MUJTAHID has derived . In Sunni Islam the 4schools of law HANAFI, SHAFI,  MALIKI,  HANBALI

"Unless there is IMAN and SHARIAT there cannot be tassawuf, tariqat, or awliya  .Other things are ZINDIQ.(pretends to be a Muslim, a renegade) .Anybody  who dives into Tassawuf without learning FIQH ,becomes Zindiq (renegade )and anybody who learns Fiqh but is not aware of tassawuf goes astray.Attain truth,learn both perfect QAMIL"   Imam Malik    Reff.    p.7 Endless bliss 4th Fascicle


MADRASSA    -An Islamic school for adults . Teaches ARABIC language and QUR'AN . The oldest Madrrasa in the world is Al Azhar in Cairo . Al Azhar is the oldest university in the world . alt sp. MADRESSA 

KHODJA     -A muslim teacher.  Turkish ottoman term , 

HOW we teach our children Islam:

 According to the Sharia instruction in Islam follows thes guidelines:

Perfect your namaz  age 7.  If by age 10 they do not pray salat ,you are warranted to swat them on the rear with your hand .No person can be hit in the face in Islam . Such victims must be compensated for damages to them in court.. That includes minors and wives . No child can be hit with any object whatsoever . BODILY HARM is forbidden against any Muslim except convicted criminals,and only those HAD  crimes .Child abuse is not allowed by Islam .Child abusers are criminals . Children are under the protection of  all Muslims because they are fellow Muslims . You would not allow a fellow muslim to be beaten on the street by a gang of blood thirsty thugs ? So why allow a child to be beaten? Ya Allah! The first thing learned by Muslim children is  Bismillah ir-Rahman ir Raheem .Don't make them emty words in your life. Allah has entrusted them to You.

AL -MAGHAZI  Pl.     MAGHZA   singular      -Holy Battle , the location where such a battle took place . the deeds and vitues of GHAZI -the fighters in Allah's cause.

MAHR-MU'AJJAL   -1/2 paid promptly (mu'ajjal)and 1/2 defered(paid later) until the event of divorce or death.  Mahr is money paid to the wife for her personal security in the event of divorce. No money is  given to her parents . The Prophet Muhammed Salla alaihi wa- Salem ,said the best wedding is a simple one. The marriage is not legal without a MAHR. It is according to what the man can afford.

MAHW    -A state of immersion in Allah .Resignation to the will of Allah such that there are not even hidden commandments but just acts of Allahs will. Similar to FANA a state of being belonging to pure monotheists of renunciation from SELF -WILL. submitted totally. Abdal

MAHAL   -The name given to the seat of a sufi sheikh as a centerof learning

MAHDII      -Abraham ,the prophet Muhammed, Salla alaihi wa salem . Ali .A warrior who combats the unbelievers ,sword in hand whose path is marked by blood. ( orthodox view) "MAN OF THE SWORD "  sahib al sayf 9shi'a view . Abu Bakr,Umar,hussain,CONVERTS (al AZHAR) combat foreign rule (North AFRICA) Al Mohad. see page 197,198 Goldziher  (some heretical sects[Ahmediyya, Bahai ,] of Islam tried to make Mahdi into an" Islamic Christ" .Jesus ,Salla alaihi wa -Salem was a pacifist . The Mahdi will not be a pacifist. he will carry a weapon  maybe laser cannon  -chef Z)

MAJDHUB    -A person who is so enraptured with Allah that they forget reality. MAJADHIBpl.  A lot of them enraptured together. this is used in a derogatory way to describe persons and movements that appear to be out of

MAJAZ     -Metaphors, metaphors are a substitute for reality. to think deeply. TAFFAQUR  about some thing and to actualise it is not the same as asymbol of it or mere lip service.

MAJLIS    - Literal meaning -Sitting . An informal gathering of a Sufi master and his murids the Sheikh gives a talk or discourse on some subject.  Also a collection of sufi sayings.

MAJLIS-A-SHURA - In Islamic government a consultative assembly . At the tribal level or villiage level the notables of the community gather to deliberate on some important matter of concern to the ummah .  Govern ment .

MAJLIS AL-FISQ   - a gathering of major sinners.A place where people gather who are not dressed properly ;ie. Their AWRAH is not covered and where HARAM is committed .It is not permitted for Muslims to be in such a place without nessesity  nessesity is legally defined . . The pursuit of HARAM and the lack of modesty causes poverty and catastrophe for the family and individual . literally a gathering of bad sinners.keeping company with sinful people . bars ,nightclubs ,the beach ,movies, casinos,tourist beaches hotels .ect.

MAKRUH   - an actio which is detestable to Allah ,but not forbidden. just improper .Disliked By Allah ,reprehensible,avoid . For example smoking, children in the Mosque

 MAKRUH acts remove the blessings of Salat but the salat is still SAHIH (reliable) Makruh of salat are: draping a coat over your shoulders in salat ,pulling on the clothes during salat,useless movements,anything in the mouth,sleeves rolled,.wearing work clothes if you have better ones, a bare head for men ,clearing the throat, bare feet, any distractions such as music in the house TV ect., needing to p, touching the legs ,looking around,verbal response, yawn, closing the eyes,except to avoid distractions , being alone behind a line-bring a friend back with you,) Any clothes with pictures on them .prayer rugs with picture of the Kaabba on them or writing (hang them on the wall), using ostentatious TASBIH (prayer beads ), Doing ANY kind of business transactions at the mosque,making speeches at the mosque,eating at the mosque,quarrels, having your shoes with you ,behind you.

TAHRIMI MAKRUH  - a prohibition which has been determined by DALIL (proof) or by ZANN (deduction ) 

TANZIHI MAKRUH  A prohibition for which there is no proof or witness ,but nevertheless it is not good to do it .

MAKTAB    -school

MAKTOOB    -"written"  What allah has written from the Qur'an. The time of ones death ,the length of ones life , the country you will die in , the judgement day.

MALAKUT    -esoteric ,DOMINION the world of form

MALAMATIYYA    -Those who draw blame or deliberately draw contempt of others while preserving purity of heart . those who do not care if others muslims accept their faith or actions as legitimate ( Unsound )( This is a hindu accretion from moghul India ;I think-Chef Z)

MAA-LA -YA' NII      - Useless deeds , Ziker , fasting, alms, superogatory prayers which are performed while the FARD of SALAT is neglected are USELESS Maa-la-yani such activities are considered a sign that such a person is disliked by Allah (Hadith)

MALFUZAT    -a collection of saints sayings

MALIK     one of the divine names of allah ,soveriegn ,king

MALIKI    - one of the 4 schools of jurisprudence in Islam Malik was an 8th century scholar who founded an austere school of law in North africa. Almoravid ,berberdyn. 11th Cent. 12th. cent.

MANAR   -Minaret The word minaret is anglicised slang for MANAR

MANDUB   -recommended

Al  MIDANA   -The place in which the prayer is raised

MANHAJ   -methodology


  meaning :

 " The one who does not enter a house in which there is  an  image " Muslims do not hang pictures of people or animals upon the walls of their homes . It is haram to teach children with coloring books that are pictures of animals and people. Later they will not be allowed to do it and they will be confused. Some groups also say the Qur'an cannot be used as decoration upon the walls, in their view disrepectful but this is a muwahid view (wahabism )They do not decorate the walls in any way . The traditional Muslims however have done it since the beginning of Islam's history. YA JAMAL! It is quite haram to hang pictures of saints and religious leaders and also political leaders. Such as the giant murals seen in marxist nations like Saddam in Iraq and Chairman Mao in China. 

Family photos are kept in discrete places and not displayed on the walls. 


MANTOOK    -openly spoken   MADLOOL    -What is intended to be meant (context ,polemics )

MANTIQ   -LOGIC           Mantiq permeates the Islamic Curriculum. produces sharpness of intellect ,advances intelligence,creates farsightedness, A great aid in the study of the QUR'AN. all these things are missing in the methodology of heretical fanatic cults.

MAQAM    -"Station", "A Glorious station" -Qur'an , "When you hear the call to prayer you should pray  Allah to grant MAQAM MAHMOUD to the prophet "   

MAQR    -Blackness over the heart. No spiritual inspiration . This the system which Allah delivers to disobedient Muslims .  The suffering for their deeds . This is the world of suffering on account of failure to implement Islam in ones life. Is called MAQR .  The condition of having a black heart comes from knowing Islam but not doing it.  The cure for MAQR is that you must give the right treatment to others, as they deserve and ask Allah's forgiveness , quit ignorant and incorrect thoughts, and do service to humanity .   --- Hulusi,, Ahmed Baki

MAKR  ALLAH   -the guile or craftiness of Allah . by which he leads astray whom he will. When you have knowledge of the faith but you do not assess life circumstances .  see al Qushari , Hulusi MAQR

MAQSURAH    -A place set apart for the devout to pray or make DHIKR , inside a mosque ,separate from the Jummah erea .

MARHABBA    -welcome

MARHABATEN   -You are twice welcome .

MA'RIFA   -knowlege about Allahu ta' Allah,s DHAT   [ESSENCE] [PERSON] ( see divine attributes ,names in the concordance)   Inspired into the hearts of the AWLIYA, a wali is a person who is loved and protected by Allah ,A SALIH who has also corrected his NAFS (a pious person who does not sin ). Mystical intuitive knowlege of Allah ,MARIFAT ,perfect, knowlege of divine things. "wisdom revealed from on high"  see Futuh al Ghaib, by Abdul Qadir Jilani

MA'RUF     -all that is good and allowed in Islam ,mentioned with MUNKAR    -all that is forbidden sinful or evil . The basic social controll of Muslims is to aid and encourage good and forbid evil.

MAROOF    -From the Qur'an used to indicate good Things   ,generally recognised as good  also a mans name .

MASABEH   -Islamic prayer beads . From the root word SBH = subhanallah  also called SUBHAH , and TASBIH from  SBH  also . The tasbih are in the following counted groups of beads :  99 +Hamza / 33+33+33+Hamzah /  33+Hamza .There is a spacer between each group of 33 beads. The hamza is a large" minaret shaped" bead which has a tassel .  DHIKER can also be counted on the fingers . touch the index finger Tip 1st joint ,second joint  with the thumb (3) count123 on each finger with the thumb. Then count123 on the thumb with the index finger.  THATS 15. do that twice thats 30 Then do one extra finger thats 3 Total 33  ! easy  Loss of the prayer beads incurs a penalty of one thousand Astaghfiallah .Tasbih should not be expensive or showy.

Masjid al- Jumu'a  al- Jami  - The 1st Mosque of the prophet built in Medina 622AD  the year 1 A.H.

MUSALLA     -A little Mosque is called a Musalla , inside a house for example an erea set aside for prayer .

MASLAHA    - related to IJMA ,BIDA   .  -A term used by the Maliki Madhab  this relates to the departure from normal SHARIA.Sanctioned by Fatwa. This is meaning PUBLIC UTILITY. See ZURQANI 1710 Cairo (commentary Al MUWATTA  )  . The printing press1729 Istanbul , Insurance,savings banks, civil rights for women,abolition of slavery,democracy.  Bloody struggle results from a desire to suppress adaptation >Intransigent traditionalism <.Ahmed Ibn Hanbal ,zeal for Sunnah. reduces Islam to conditions of the time of the  Sahabi and economic political structure of Medina . Not from romantic sentiment but by harsh legalism and repression. 

MASLAK    -spiritual path

MASAH    - to make MASAH means to rub the hands on the face As in TAYAMMUM

MA -'SHALLAH    - All praise be to Allah . Beauty and good things come from allah's will )  If you admire some thing another person owns ,or complement the beauty of their children (which is generally not done ) you should say Ma 'shallah  The reason is to avert any evil intentions caused by greed or envy and to prevent evil from befalling the child or the person due to that envy .

**MASHIB   (check spelling please)   -Rebelliousness .Adam, Salla Alaihi wa salem and Shaitan in the QUR'AN ,nomenclature :Partners of shaitan , By Allah's order cast out and did not obey . The hope of Adam s.a.w.s., was to stay eternal therefore he confused the desireable with the prohibited. To love something with rebellion .

MAULAVI   -Senior members of the sunni clergy   MAULANA SAHIB    a title ,honorific given to an Imam or teacher (URDU)

MAWDUU    -A category of Hadith which lacks one of the conditions needed to be considered SAHIH (sound). Also used as an excuse by Heretics to reject what they do not agree on .

MAWAANI   -Obstacles , SHARAA-IT   conditions

MAWALI     -a non Arab convert to Islam

MAWDU   -  a made-up Hadith or ILM an excuse to reject legitimate Hadith ,not understood, or misinterpreted by heretics this is how they betray the veracity of the hadith ,

MAWLAYA    - A form of adress to a ruler implies protector

MECCA   a place on the hijaz plain 21 degrees 26, 17 lat 37degrees 54, 45 longtitude . Qur'an >the family IMRAN 11196-97, Mother of cities,UM al QURA (omphalos of the world )"noble Mecca"Mecca Muuqaaaarrama, The birthof the Prophet ,the revelation Establishment of the Qibla ,hajj.AlBAYT Al ATIQ  The Ancient Place Al BALAD ALAMIN the sure country,AL BAYT AL HARAM the forbidden city The sacred House , AlMUQDASSA the hliest cities AL MUNAWARA the resplendent . The QIBLA  Qur"AN 11,144. THE KAABA 50 feet high 30 feet wide ,40 feet facade, 6& 1/2 feet off the ground the stone is in an oval frame measuring 8" set into it The black stone The MITHAQI (check spelling please)  The primordial covenant between Allah and mankind .The sacred mountain.When Allah restored the world after the flood of Noah . HAJJ I  touch this stone so that Allah will favor them when they are ressurected on the judgement day the deeds of men are shown to them.

MEDDAD   -assistence ,spiritual help" the door of meddad " assistence given to a Murid by The sheikh.

ME'DERSA --  The madresse in morocco , Very ancient . They are Al AHARINE 14th c. ,BOU  INANIA ,14thc. ,ESH SHERATIN,17thc.,

MEHR   -Kindness ,affection  / Also the personal name  of Pir MEHR ali Shah of GOLHARA in the Punjab of Pakistan

MEHRIA  - A name for Pakistan and Kashmiri Muslims .

MEJAZ  Illusion that which makes nothing appear as everything (grandiose ideas about trivial matters)

MEVLEVI   - The Sufi order named after the famous poet jelaluddin Rumi the year 1207-73. Rumi is best known for his work THE MATHNAWI. The malawiyya sufi order is In Turkey . Jelaluddin Rumi is buried in Konya . recently members of this order toured the U.S.  See SAUM  in The CULTURAL ATLAS OF ISLAM    by    Al -FARUQI  the word MUSIQ allways means secular sound . Saum is the term used for religious music.

MANHAJ   -Methodology

MIHNAH    - oppresssion

MILAD    -Birth    Milad a-nabi  -biirth of the messenger .

MINHAJ   -Road

MISBAHA   SUBHA    - A doctrine called "chain of worlds"  a  discreet refference tothe  Arabic Abjad. Ones wird is recited. Shahada tauhid, TAHMID -thanksgiving ,The 99 names of allah . And the Hamza being the 100th name meaning absolute Mystery or Samad 

MISHKAT-UL-MASABIH    -The mishkat of the sahabi

MISKIIN     Landless peasants ,artisans ,synon.DA'IF


MOHAREB   -Someone who makes war on Islam From The word HARB war. A capital Had crime .

MOHSIN    -A person who serves Allah constantly ,Devout IHSAN ,to do well,to serve allah constantly.

MOHY-UD-DIN    - The reviver of the faith . for example abdul Qadir jilani ,Al Ghazzali ,

MOMIN    -A Muslim who is a beleiver and has strong IMAN (faith)

MORGH A prayer stone . a small piece of dried clay unfired possibly . The forehead touches it on the ground . Used by Shia in Iran

MUBAH    -Permissable A commandment from allah which is neither permitted or forbidden .generally of an obscure nature wherein the person has complete freedom to act thatis-there is a hidden commandment rather than a legal one to do the thing .left to the conscience.. In modern times has been used to describe things which non muslims do that are not commanded or prohibited. for example customs such as eating with utinsils ,eating at a table,wearing trousers. reffers to useful thigs . Things which are useless and loathsome are HARAM

 MUBTADI    -An innovator .a person introducing an occult element ,or Metaphisical element into the interpretation of esoterics p.4 sirag el Qulub  (check spelling on reff)

MUDARA    -To dissimulate ,to give away what is worldly in order to protect ones faith.

MUDD - A measure of grain used for payment of zakat-ul Fitr 2/3 of a kilo

MUDHEN    -Is a person who sees unlawful things being committed but does not prevent people from doing them on account of negligence,or little enthusism for religion or fear of loosing popularity. This is strictly prohibited in Islam .Every muslim owes a duty towards members of the muslim ummah to guard the lives,property and honor of fellow muslims .And we are also responsible to guard their welfare in the next world as well.Neglect of these mutual duties of brotherhood brings in a general punishment upon the whole community of muslims -the virtuous and the sinners alike.

MUFASSARIN    -exegisists scholars who make exegis on matters of law or QUR'AN eg. Ibn Kathir or Sayyid Qutb. exegis means to interpret legally

MUFASSIRIN    -One who explains .The prophet ,sala alaihi wa salem ,explains the Qur'an,  Ibn abass ,Omar (caliph)

MUFASSIR  singular      MUFASSIRUN  plural    -A QURANIC EXEGETE  A scholar who specializes in TAFSIR or commentary on the QUR"AN eg. IBN KATHIR or QUTB

MUHIB    -lover . profane sense, The root of this word is HB There are 6 different terms for love in the Qur'an all have different meanings and contexts.Mahabba    -reciprocal love,Habib,HOUB, MAHBUBALLAH (Allah beloved )  all from the same root HB but with different meanings

MUHADDITH    -interlocutor  A person who communicates with allah . Has rapport with allah This does not give that person indisputable excellence over other persons . this is a term used when describing saints

MUHADDITHIN    -traditionalists, the traditions as related to the hadith. the compilers of the hadith.

MUHAJIR  Emmigrant. for example when sudra caste hindu converted to Islam and moved to pakistan (brutally oppressed by Benazir Bhutto -Those who take women for leaders will not prosper )

MUHARRAFAH    -corrupted ,unreliable ,syncretism,used to describe the Shia hadith. Ahmadiyyat, For example the new age belief that Pir vilayat promotes.Syncretistic notions that all religions are equal or alike ,or that the idol worshipper is the same as a MUSLIM This is refuted by the QUR'AN

MUHYI' L-DIN    -The reviver of the faith.

AL MUHASABA    - Self examination .Bringing yourself to account before Allah . To examine your self for sins ,in a systematic way in order that you may be brought to TAUBA (repentance )" Judge yourself before the day of judgement " Sufi persons will be practicing al muhassaba on a regular basis . all persons making conversion to Islam must repent of their formrer sinful ways  taking Shahada . see Ihya ilm u-Din by Al Ghazzali

MUHDIS   - You would say ana MUHDIS meaning" I am without WUDU "   a person is MUHDIS in these situations 1. waking up from sleep or a nap. 2. Going to the bathroom and gas  3. Getting very angry 4. Laughing out loud during the salat 5.  crying or talking during salat nulifies salat but not your Wudu . If the phone rings or someone speaks to you it must be ignored -otherwise you must begin the Salat again.

MUHDITH    -A person who commits KABIR (great) sins  eg theft,murder,adultery,ZINA,  ADH ,a HAD crime ,drinking alchohol,gambling, RIBA,

 MUHRIM    -One who is in the state of IHRAM   for HAJJ ,UMMRAH

MUHTAR   -villiage leader,elected organizes the villiage to get capital improvements ,water sewage,phone, post office . This is part of the organised struggle to prevent out migration.

MUHTASIB    -The person responsible for the maitenance of an institution of HISBAH . the rights of Allah and the rights of people.Duties regarding prayers, mosque maitenance,community matters,market dealings . This person must have knowlege ,kindness and patience.

 MUJARAD    -An absract thing like the soul holy in essence ,by allahs command al ISRA  85 Mujaradat ,pl.

MUJAHIDA    -The ascetic life making Jihad upon ones NAFS,sins by fasting, Prayer, dhikr, and material sacrifice. chairity.

MU'JIZA  miracles performed by the prophets    , KARAMA singular   KARAMAT ,plural  miracles performed by later saints and mystics.

MU'JIZAH    -A divine miracle which admits no human activity or agency an act beyond natural laws and reasoning.

MUJTAHID ,singular    MUJTAHIIIDUN  plural,  literally "one who strives"   the learned scholars .a ruler confers this title upon a learned man    . this man must have the following characteristics :1 Conduct exemplary 2. no worldly bias .3. Not connected with the king or government 4. no departure of charater 5. their tribunals not challenged by kings 6. He must be the master of 70 Islamic sciences See. IJMA

 The 3 foundations of IJMA are ITTIFAQ-I-QAULI

1.   -The unanimous consent expressed in a declaration of opinion .   2.   - ITTIFAAQ I- FI'LI- expressed unanimously of practice. 3. ITTIFAAQ-i-SAKUUTI- The majority of the MUHJTAHID give tacit consent to the minority by silence or non -interfereance.    Some only accept A-SAHABI opinions (ASHAB) and some also the decendents and some the ANSARS and fugitives who dwelled in MADINA with the Prophet Salla alaihi wa- selem .  The majority ,however believe IJMA can be made and collected in every age of human history. The research topic is" the gate of Ijtihad ."

IJTIHAD    -means opinion of a single person only 

MUJTAHID    -The highest rank of Islamic scholars or Imams

MUKHLIS   -Sincere , devoted , Faithful .,upright , pure hearted,virtuous

MUKHLISEEN   - sincere devotion

MUKHLAS   - who has been made sincere

MULHID   -  a person who deviates from righteousness- in otherwords a heretic. Heretics are considered apostate by many theologians with  the exception tolerance .  Those heretics who are socially disruptive or commit political sedition . [are subject to HAD]  A person who gives wrong meaning to qur'an and hadith . their Iman is corrupt. they go out of islam this way. p.222 Vol. 2 WAQF IKLAS.

MUKHALLAF   - After Shahada , repent make regular salat , regular chairity 9:5 QUR'AN

MU'MIN    - An obedient Muslim with deep faith who believes in the prophethood of muhammed Salla alaihi wa- salem .And in everything declared in the Qur'an .MUMIN believes in all of it .The knowlege of belief is called I T I QAD  the observation of it is called A'MAL or SHARI'AT

MUNAFIQ    - hypocrisy a person pretending to be falsely a Muslim .double dealing . A double standard of morality ,selective morality a person who disguises himself as a Muslim even though he believes in another religion . MUNAFAQEEN  -groups of people declared to be hypocrites. 

MUNAFIQ   - se Qur'an Al Baqarah 8-23   A hypocrite ,one whose external appearance is Islam (praying ,fasting, "activism" ect. ) but whose inner reality conceals KUFR often not known to the person them selves . . A munafiq is considered more dangerous than a KUFR . One who pretends to believe in Islam but who does not. Unlawful methods.

MUNAQQABAH    -A woman who wears the NIQAB , and also covers her hands and feet.

MUNIR    -Radiant .luminous

MUNSHID    -Chanter,a person who recites out loud at a sufi gathering by themselves. usually a special DHIKR or a QASIDA and poetry of religion . Se the section on sacred sound in the Cultural Atlas of Islam

MUNSIF    -A Muslim who is the upholder of Justice. has ADL

MUNTADA    -a place of gathering .

MUSHAHIDA     - spiritual experiences

MUQRAR   -predestined.

MURSHID AL'-AM     -General  and Guide  like an AMIR   -Commander. 

MURTAD  An apostate muslim . apostacy is legally defined in sharia and in the traditions and Qur'an . A person is considered Murtad if he/she  denies any item of consensus ( I JMA ) respective to the SHARIA . Such as the nessesity for JIHAD when the call for it is made. Or a person who denies any of the pillars of the faith. or any person who claims that; based on an alternate belief from another source ; that SIN is allowable based upon that source or secular law . This person will be declared as MURTAD unless he /she admits he is mistaken in that view. The person must deny the basic tennents of the faith 3 times with witnesses and not be insane  before they can be declare Murtad . No individual Muslim is allowed under Sharia to declare anyone MURTAD without recourse to Sharia .It Is a legal proceeding.Apostacy is a capital HAD crime in Islam .There is no separation of state and religionin Islam so apostacy is regarded as treason . Therfore a capital offense . Declaring another Muslim to be MURTAD   is very serious and should not be used as a political tool or as an excuse to kill political enemies . These are the methods of Taghut dictators, and lawless heretics - not Islam.

MURID   -  A student who follows a sufi sheikh

MURUFAD    -A Folding stand made for holding a QUR'AN. 

MUSAFIRKHANA    -guest house in a sufi khaniqa 

MUSAFIR    -A traveller . A Muslim becomes MUSAFIR when they are 48 miles from home. A musafir performs a reduced number of Rakat in their salat except 3 maghrib and 4 if you pray behind an IMAM. Fajr 2, ZUHR2,  ASR2, MAGHRIB 3, ISHA 2 ,and 3 witr wajib , salat-ul Jummah 2 rakaa

Hajji are MUSAFIR.

MUSALLA    -An erea of ground for making prayers . This could be any place that is ritually clean .It can be marked by a boundary of stones as the TAUREG would do in the desert. In a city , a cloth can be laid on the sidewalk of a busy street. Colloquial term for  a prayer rug for travellers.   a SUTRA is an object placed on the floor by an individual to mark the erea where they will make salat . In Jammat [congregation] the sutra of the UMMAT is the IMAM .The IMAM has to get his own sutra . Fighters will use their weapons for a sutra. Wounded veterans will use their artificial limbs .

MUSHRIK     -An unbeliever,generally, a polytheist. Any religion other than Islam Chritianity,Judaism and some include Zorastrians .

note: Mushrik are buddists , hindus , new- agers  who  believe  that "all the gods are one" known as unitary diesm .This is a core belief of VEDANTA (free thinker hindus)  eg. dances of universal peace, "pir" Villayat Khan , All Jews and Christians who are signators on the SIECUS declaration, those who are infiltrated by the RECLAIMING movement of Starhawk(marxist pagan feminist  witch jew). or who have established covens(radical feminist marxism and witchcraft) in their churches -such as the Unitarians , the United Church of Christ Congregational, Unity church, all these groups reject the the Bible and the Torah - so therefor are not considered to be Christians. Jews who are involved in this stuff are also Mushrik . as such cannot receive protection from an Islamic state .

Alhamdullilah! Muslims do not tolerate any of this wicked subversive nonsense.


MUSTAHAB    -In religious practices it means that practie is highly recommended but not obligatory     WAJIB means obligatory

MUTASHA BI HAT    -Verses in the QUR'AN with multiple meanings  . SHAABAHA    - "become similar"

MUHTASIB    -The public censor of morals and religion. He gives punishment for Had crimes. The Qur'anic term for scourge is JALDAH  . In theological terms, SAUT  DIRRAH is the terminology used nowdays for  physical punishment

.There is disagreement in Islam about every aspect of  Law because of heretical sects . Heretical sects  are intemperate,tribal , fanatic and literal in their interpretation of Sharia . This has led to extremism and intemperate  use of punishment mainly torture and human rights abuses .  Heretics practice Islamic law without the benifit of juridical evidence, lawyers or qualified judges . The traditional  4 Madhab system of law, ahl usSunnah wal- Jammah ; does not permit fanatic interpretations. In some "incident cases" things are being punished as HAD crimes that are not HAD crimes at all . Fanatic  individuals will take the law into their own hands. Individuals are not allowed to make these  legal decisions but only qualified QADI . For that reason wise Muslims will reject lawless brigadage and the heretics who are responsible for it . . Extra-Judicial  execution of law is a criminal act in itself . An example is the murder of innocent women by relatives without evidence; using nothing but their rage as evidence .Lawless rage is SHAITAN . This happens when the colonial powers destroy the Muslim court system .This leaves no formal way to redress crimes and also creates an opportunistic environment for  sociopathic criminals ,fanatics ,rapists ,sadisticdepravity, sedition ,heresy and a malicious legal environment  against which innocent people are defenseless .Heresy is a HAD crime . Now you know why.

MUQADDAM    -leader in a SUFI order at the local level

MUQALLID    - a follower of a MADHAB .

MURABIT    -a person who is on the road spreading Islam . See DAWA

MURSHID    -One who shows the right path. A teacher. spiritual guide .a religious leader.advisor instructor. Another name for ALLAH .a female spiritual guide  - Murshida .

 MUSAD'AFIN    -A weak and oppressed person .

MUSHAWARAH    -consultation

MUSTAHAB    -An action or a thing which is deserving of THAWAAB (reward in the here after)But if you dont do it then it is not a sin.Also if you dont like that MUSTAHAB thing it is not a sign of KUFR  In religious practice it means that practice is highly recommende but not obligatory . WAJIB means obligatory.

MUTATAHHIR    -A Muslim who is TAHIRA -pure from sin and also pure physically. ie clean and chaste, free from vices .

MUTAWAKKIL    -A Muslim who puts complete trust in ALLAH

MUTTAQI    - A god-fearing person.  A person has TAWAKEEL 

MUTRAFUN ,   MUTRAF pl.   -  refers to a person who is blessed with affluence and is allowed to enjoy oneself without interupption . 

MUZOON    -Tribal insignia on animals. WASM- a brand or mark of some kind indicating the tribe affinity.

O mankind! Keep your duty to your Lord and fear the day when the parent will not be able to help the child with anything, nor the child help the parent. Surely Allah’s promise is the very truth. Let not the life of the world beguile you, nor let the deceiver beguile you, in regard to Allah. Luqman (31):33.

O mankind! A simititude is coined, so pay attention to it: Surely those on whom you call besides Allah will never create a fly, though they combine together for the purpose. And if the fly took something from them, they could not retrieve it from it. So weak are the seeker and the sought! Al-Hajj (22):73



MA’ARIJ (AL): "The Ways of Ascent". Surah 70 of the Holy Qur’an.

MA’RIFA: A Spiritual realization of Allah Ta’ala. Gnosis.It is to directly witness the Light of the Names of Attributes of Allah manifested in the heart.

MA’SHAR: Assemblies. Whether they be assemblies of mankind or of the Jinn or both.

MA’UN (AL): "Small Kindnesses". Surah 107 of the Holy Qur’an.

MABRUR: A Hajj that is accepted by Allah because of its perfection in both inward intention and outward observance of the traditions of Rasoolu’llah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

MADYAN: People of the Prophet Shu’aib, peace be on him. They were destroyed by an earthquake for rejecting Shu’aib and the warnings from Allah he had brought with him. See Holy Qur’an, Al-A’raf (7):8593, Houd (11):84-95.

MAGHFEER: A foul-smelling gum.

MAGHAZI (AL): Plural of Ghazwa. See Ghazwa.

MAGHDOUB: "Cursed" by Allah Ta’ala. Surah Al-Fatiha (1):7, "...Maghdoubee ‘alaihim.." (those that have been cursed) refers to the Jews. Allah Ta’ala has cursed them for continually breaking their covenants. See Holy Qur’an, Al-Baqara (2):83-86, 100, Al-maidah (5):13-14, 73.

MAGHFIRA: "Forgiveness". In the Holy Qur’an Allah Ta’ala uses three different words to mean "forgive".

1). ‘Afa. Forgave, in the sense of obliterating the memory of wrongdoing from one’s mind. 2). Safaha. Forgave, in the sense of overlooking, ignoring or turning away from misdeeds. 3). Maghfira. Comes from one of the ninety-nine Attributes of Allah Ta’ala. "Al-Ghafur", which means to forgive again and again.

MAGHREEB: Sunset. The fourth compulsory Salat (Prayer) of the day. It consists of three Raq’as. It can be prayed at any time between just after sunset and before the stars appear in the sky.

MAGHREBEE: A combination of Kufee (angular) and Naskh (curved) Scripts often used for hand-written copies of the Holy Qur’an written in north-west Africa.

MAHRAM: A Man whom a woman can never marry because of closeness of relationship (e.g. father, brother, uncle, son, etc.) Her husband is also her Mahram.

MAHR: Dowry given by a husband to his bride on marriage.

MAIDA (AL): "The Table Spread". Surah 5 of the Holy Qur’an.

MAISER: Gambling. Literally means getting something too easily. Maiser has been prohibited by Allah Ta’ala in the strongest terms possible : "Ajtibou" - "Leave it!". It is a higher level of prohibition than forbidding it because it is Haram. Haram = a direct prohibition ordered by Allah Ta’ala. Ajtanibou = a degree more serious than Haram. It is not only Haram, but also a direct command not to approach or be near it for nay reason whatsoever. See Holy Qur’an, Al-Baqara (2):219, Al-Maidah (5):93.

MAJEED (AL): "Al-Majeed". The Most Gracious. One of the ninety nine attributes of Allah. For a full list of the Asmaul Husna of Allah ta’ala.

MAJOOS: Fire worshippers. These people lived mainly in Persia and the Eastern Arabian Peninsula in the pre-Islamic period of ignorance. See Holy Qur’an, Al-Hajj (22):17.

MAKR: Has two meanings: 1). Plotting or planning with evil intent 2). Planning for a good purpose. "Wa Makaru wa Makara Allah wa’llahu Khairul Makereen" (Surah Aali ‘Imran (3):54). "They planned and Allah planned and Allah is the best of planners." Makaru = they plotted. Makara = planned. Makara = plotted. makareen = plotters. See Holy Qur’an, Aali ‘Imran (3):54,

MAKROUH: Disapproved of, but not prohibited by Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala. See Ahkam.

MALAIKAH: 1). "Angels". Another name for Suratul Fatir. Surah 35 of the Holy Qur’an. 2). A race of created beings that are made out of light. Their sole purpose in creation is to worship and glorify Allah and to perform their duties exactly as described. They are incapable of disobedience. They do not eat, or sleep, or procreate. Their exact number is unknown. Amongst the well-known ones are the following: i). The angel Jibreel (Gabriel) - the angel whose duty is to communicate between Allah Ta’ala and the Prophets and to whomever Allah wills; i.e. he was commanded to communicate with Mariam (Mary, mother of Prophet Jesus), Jesus and Muhammad, may Allah bless them and grant them peace. ii). The angel Mikaeel (Micheal) - the angel of provisions. iii). The angel of Death - takes the souls of people when they die. Many Muslims mistakenly call him Izrael. The name "Izrael" is neither mentioned in the Holy Book of Allah, the Holy Qur’an, nor by Muhammad, may Allah bless and grant him peace, in any of the Ahadeeth. The name "Izrael" is mentioned in the Taurat and therefore has been ‘borrowed’ from the Jews. Beware of such innovations. Copying the Jews or any other unbelievers, and then saying "This is from Allah", is Kuffur. iv). The angel Israfeel - the angel who will blow the horn to bring the universe to its end. v). The angel Ridwan - Keeper of Jannah (Paradise). vi). The angel Maalik - Keeper of Nar (Hellfire). vii). The angels Munkar and Nakeer - the two angels who are assigned to question the souls of the dead in their graves about their faith. Peace be on all of them. Singular: Malak.

MALAK: Singular of Malaikah (angels). See Malaikah.

MAMNU’A: What is prohibited in acts of worship in the Shari’a. For example, doing voluntary Salat (prayers) between the Fajr Salat and sunrise, or between the Asr Salat and sunset; fasting on either of the two ‘Eid days.

MANAAT: A famous goddess in Hijaz who used to be worshipped by the pagan Arabs in the pre-Islamic period of ignorance. See Holy Qur’an, an-Najm (53):20.

MANASI (AL): A huge plateau on the outskirt of Madinah.

MANASIK: General sacrifice in the path of Allah Ta’ala. All deeds and actions during Hajj are regarded as Manasik, for they are indeed regarded as sacrifices in the path of Allah.

MANSOOKH: Abrogated. The abrogation of certain commands usually came with increased belief or change in situation. Only Allah Ta’ala has the power to abrogate verses of the Holy Qur’an. An example of an abrogated statement is:"...wa in toobdu ma fee anfooseekum aw tookhfoohu youhasibkum bihi Allah.." (Al Baqara (2):284), "...whether you show what is in your mind or conceal it, Allah will call you to account for it...". when the Muslims heard this Ayah they went to Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and said: "O Rasoolullah, we cannot control ourselves, but how can we control the outburst in our hearts? (i.e. sudden thoughts that shaitan puts within us). The Prophet Muhammad said: "Do you intend to say, ‘Same’na wa ‘asaina (We hear and we disobeyed), as did both the people of the Book (i.e. the Jews and the Christians)? say, ‘Same’na wa ata’na! So they said, ‘Same’na wa ata’na’ (We hear and we obey). On hearing their reply Allah Ta’ala abrogated this verse, by revealing the 286th verse of Surah al-Baqara: "La youkalifu’llau nafsan illa wus’aha.." The aim of the 284th verse of Surah al-Baqara was to test the followers of Muhammad, may the blessings of Allah be on him and them, as to whether or not they would say the same as the Jews and the Christians who used to say, "Same’na wa ‘asaina" (We hear and we disobey).

MAQAM IBRAHIM: The station of Ibrahim. The place where the Prophet Ibrahim, peace be on him, stood in prayer, and which marks the place of prayer following Tawaf of the Ka’bah. This place today is marked by a stone in which there are two large sunken footprints, said to have been made by the Prophet Ibrahim when he stood on the stone while he and his son Ismael were building the Ka’aba.

AL-MAQAM AL-MAHMOOD: The highest station in Jannah (Paradise). This place will be granted to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and to no-one else. Sahi Bukhari, Hadith 242, Vol. 6.

MARIAM, PEACE BE ON HER: "Mary". The Virgin Mary. Daughter of ‘Imran and Hannah and mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus) peace be on him. She is the first of the four greatest females created, the other three being:

1). Asiya, the wife of Fir’aun (Pharaoh). 2). Khadija, the first wife of Muhammad. 3). Fatima, Daughter of Muhammad, May the blessings and peace of Allah be on him and all his wives and family. Surah 19 of the Holy Qur’an.

MARUT: One of the two angels that were sent by Allah as a trial to mankind by way of allowing Harut and Marut to teach them magic. See Holy Qur’an, Al-Baqara (2):102.

MARWA: A small hill in Makkah close to the holiest Masjid in Islam, Al-Masjid al-Haram. See Sa’i, Safa and Marwa.

MASAD (AL): "Palm Fibre". Another name for Surah Abi Lahab. This surah condemned Abi Lahab and his wife to Hellfire (many years before their deaths) for their Kufr, especially their violent opposition to the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Surah 111 of the Holy Qur’an.

MASAJID: "Mosque". Place of worship for the Muslims. Singular: Masjid. The whole earth is a Masjid for the Muslims, the dome of the heaven its roof.

MASAKEEN: People who are very poor and in need; not only those who are visibly in need, but also those who seem in no need of help, but who in reality are very poor. Singular: Miskeen.

MASEEH: "Massiah". A title which means "Annointed" or "Christ". There are two Messiahs:

1 . Maseeh Isa ibn Mariam - Christ Jesus, Son of Mary. The title of Maseh (Christ) was given to the great Prophet Isa (Jesus), Son of Mary , peace be on them. Masee ad-Dajjal - Christ the Liar. This title is given to the false Christ (the Antichrist as termed by the Christians), who will appear before the Day of Resurrection, falsely claiming to be prophet Jesus, Son of Mary. One of the major signs of the coming of the Day of Judgment will be when the Maseeh ad-Dajjal appears. He will then be shortly followed by the Prophet Isa (Jesus), the Son of Mary, peace be on them. The Prophet Jesus will then slay the Dajjal (Antichrist) and the Dijjal’s followers by a miracle. The Prophecy of the second coming of the -------------------- ------------------------- ???????????????????????????

MAWAQEET: Plural of Miqat. See Miqat.

MI’RAJ: The Night Journey of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, from Makka to Jerusalem and then through the realms of the seven Heavens, beyond the limit of forms, the Sidrat al-Muntah, to within a bow-span’s length or nearer to the Presence of Allah. See Holy Qur’an, Al-Isara (17):1. See Bukhari, Hadith 345, Vol. 1, Vol. 1, 227, Vol. 5.

MIHIRAAB: Prayer niche of a Masjid (mosque), in front of which the Imam stands when leading the congregational prayers.

MIMBAR: Steps on which the Imam stands to deliver the Khutba on the day of the Jum’a.

MINA: A Place five miles from Makkah and approximately ten miles from ‘Arafat. An essential place to visit during the Hajj. For full information on the importance of Mina during the Hajj. See Hajj.

MIQAT: Certain places specified by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, for people to assume Ihram on their way to doing the Hajj or an Umra. Plural: Mawaqeet.

The Mawaqeet are: Following are people or nationalities of different places and their specified locations of Miqat: 1.) (From Makkah itself)---- Tan’im Makkah 2.) Madinah (from the north)---- Dhu’l-Hulayfa (Abar Ali) 3.) Najd, Arabia (from the east) ---- Qar al-Manazil 4.) Yemen (from the South) Yalamlam 5.) Shaam (from the west and north-west)---- Al-Juhfa 6.)Iraq (from the north-east)---- Dhir 'Irq.

MISKEEN: A very poor and needy person. Plural:Maskeen.

MITHQAAL: A measure of weight for weighing gold in this world and deeds on the Day of Judgment in the next world.

MU’JEZZAT: Miracles.

MUHKAM: Qur’anic verse which have a clear-cut meaning.

MU’TAKIF: A person who is in the state of ‘Itikaf. See ‘Itikaf.

MUADHEEN: The man who calls the Adhan loudly before each obligatory Salat (Prayer), calling the people to prayer.

MUAKKAD (SALAT): Voluntary prayers regularly done. This type of optional prayer was virtually always done by Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. See Nafilah.

MUAWUDTHATAIN: The two Surahs of seeking protection, Surah Al-Falaq (113) and Surat An-Nas (114). These Suwar were revealed for mankind and the Jinns to protect themselves from evil and black magic. It is Kufr (unbelief) to delve into the black arts, since this is a denial of the truth that there is no strength and no power except from Allah.

MUBARAK: Blessed. Having received the blessing of Allah.

MUBASHIRAT: Glad tidings. Good dreams.

MUBIQAAT: major, Destructive sins.

MUDDATHIR (AL): "The Cloaked One". Surah 74 of the Holy Qur’an.

MUFFASAL: The last, shorter Surahs of the Holy Qur’an. All the Suwar from Surah Qaf (50) to Surah an-Nas (114).

MUFFASSALAT: Same as Mufassal.

MUFRID: A Muslim who remembers Allah Ta’ala constantly.

MUHABBAH (SHIRK AL): A Major Shirk. Loving a created being or an object more than Allah Ta'ala. See Shirk.

MUHADITH: A scholar of Ahadeeth (sayings and traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace). plural: Muhaditeen.

MUHADITHEEN: Scholars of Ahadeeth (Sayings and traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace). Singular: Muhadith.

MUHAJIR: A Muslim who emigrated from Makkah to Madinah during the time of the great repression of the Muslim by the pagan Quraish up until the conquest of Makkah 8AH by the prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Plural: Muhajireen.

MUHAJIREEN: Plural of Muhajir. See Holy Qur’an, Al-Hashr (59):8-9, Al-Munafiqun (63):7. See Muhajir.

MUHAMMAD, MAY ALLAH BLESS HIM AND GRANT HIM PEACE: The Final Messenger of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala to Ins wal Jinn (mankind and the Jinn). Born in Makkah in 570AC. At the age 40 he was called upon to become the mightiest of all messengers. He died in Madinah at the age of 63 after gloriously completing his transmission of the divine Message. He was the bringer of the greatest miracle of all time, the Holy Qur’an. It is through him that Allah Ta’ala has enlightened mankind and the Jinn until the Day of Judgment. He is the Best Creation, may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him and his family and his companions and all who follow him and them in what they are able,with sincerity, until the Last Day. To those Jews and Christians who rejected the holy Prophet Muhammad, let it be known that Muhammad is actually mentioned by name in the Old Testament in the original Hebrew Song of Solomon, Ch., 5 V. 16. But for some misguided reasons they have chosen to adulterate it by changing it from "Muhammadim" (in the Hebrew) to "altogether lovely" in the English. (Muhammad + im is a term of respect in Hebrew.) Similarly, Muhammad is actually mentioned by name in the New Testament in John 14:16-26, 15:26 and 16:13. The greek word "Periqleitos" (Paraclete), which is the equivalent of the Aramaic word "Mhamda", means precisely what "Ahmad" means in Arabic, "the most praiseworthy", and "Ahmad" is one of the Prophet Muhammad’s name, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. But for some misguided reasons they have chosen to adulterate it by changing it from "Mhamda" (in the Aramaic) to "Comforter" or "Counsellor" in the English. Many other references to Muhammad which existed in the original Torah and Ingeel have been removed altogether.Allah Taala's wrath awaits those who knowingly alter or hide His words.Allah Ta’ala has given Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, the following names: Muhammad: The one who praises and is praised. Ahmad: the Most praiseworthy. Al-Mahi: The effacer (of Kufr). Al-’Aqib: The last . Mustafa: The chosen. Al-Amin: The trusworthy. Surah 47 of the Holy Qur’an. For the chronological list of the main events in the Prophet Muhammad’s life, may Allah bless him and grant him peace:

MUHARRAM: The first month of Islamic calendar. Strictly forbidden by Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala.

MUHEET: 1). Encompassing, in the sense of being all around them, thus giving the sense that there will be no escape for the evildoers from Allah and His punishment, and that the believers will find Allah’s blessings and mercy wherever they turn. See Holy Qur’an, Al-Baqara (2):19, Houd (11):84. 2). The ocean (because it encompasses the land mass).

MUHRIM: One who assumes Ihram. See Ihram.

MUHRIMA: A female who assumes Ihram. See Ihram.

MU’SIR: A Mu’sir who intends to do Hajj and Umra, but is unable to do so due to some obstacles.

MUHSIN: One who is in a state of Ihsan and accordingly does right and does good deeds. Plural: Muhsineen. See Ihsan.

MUHSINEEN: People who do righteous deeds in a perfect manner. Singular: Muhsin.

MUJADALAH: "She who disputes". The Woman referred to is Khawla bint Tha’lab. Surah 58 of the Holy Qur’an.

MUJAHID: One who takes active part in a Jihad. Pural: Mujahideen. See Jihad.

MUJAHIDEEN: Muslims who take part in a Jihad. Singular: Mujahid. See Jihad.

MULAA’ANA: The act of carrying out Li’aan. See Li’aan.

MULAMMAS: "Touched", as a synonym of Lamas. See Lamas.

MULHID: Atheist. A complete disbeliever in Allah Ta’ala and the Last Day. Comes from Ilhad (atheism). Ilhad literally means deviation. For a full explanation: See Ilhad. Plural: Mulhidoon or Mulhideen.

MULK (AL): "The Sovereignty", of Allah Ta’ala. Surah 67 of the Holy Qur’an.

MULTAZAM: The area between the Black Stone and the door of the Ka’aba where it is recommended to make Du’a.

MUMIN (AL): "The Believer". Someone who trusts in Allah and accepts and follows His Messengers, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Another name for Al-Ghafir. Surah 40 of the Holy Qur’an.

MUMINOON (AL): "The Believers". Surah 23 of the Holy Qur’an.

MUMTAHANA: "She that is to be Examined". Surah 60 of the Holy Qur’an.

MUNABADHA: "Thrown", as synonym of Nibadh. See Nibadh.

MUNAFIQEEN: "Hypocrites". They are the worst of created beings, for they pretend to, but do not believe in Allah and the Last Day. Allah has cursed them (At-Tawbah (9):67-69) and on the Day of Judgment they will occupy the lowest of the Nar (Hellfire), called "Hutama". Also as Munafiqoon. Singular: Munafiq.

MUNAFIQOON: "The Hyprocrites". Surah 63 of the Holy Qur’an.

MUNKAR: 1). Name of one of the two angels who will question us in our graves. See Munkar wa Nakir. 2). Something that is disapproved of in Islam. 3). Something that is denied when it is said or pointed out. 4).Something that is refused when offered.

MUNKAR WA NAKIR, PEACE BE ON THEM: The two angels who will question the souls of the dead in their graves shortly after burial about faith, asking, "Who is your Lord? Who is your Prophet? What is your Book? What was your Deen? See Malaikah.

MUQARRABOON: Literally means "those who have been brought near". These are the most exalted, the most loved by Allah Ta’ala. On the Day of Resurrection, Allah Ta’ala will sort out the good and the evil into three groups: 1). Muqarraboon - the exalted class, those who are the nearest to Allah Ta’ala. Also described as the Sabiqoon, meaning ‘those who outstrip the rest’. 2) . Ashab al-Maimana - literally means "the Companions of the Right". These are the righteous people, those who are destined to enter the Jannah (Paradise). 3). Ashab al-Mashama - literally means "the Companions of the Left". These people will be the inheritors of the Nar (Hellfire). For full explanation on: Muqarraboon - see Al-Waqi’ah (56):11-26. Ashab al-Maimana - see Al-Waqi’ah (56):27-40. Ashab al-Mashama - see Al-Waqi’ah (56):41-56.

MUQATTA’AT: See Alif Lam Mim.

MURSALAAT (AL): "The Emissaries". Surah 77 of the Holy Qur’an.

MURSALEEN: Literally means "those who are sent". It refers to the prophets and messengers sent by Allah Ta’ala. Allah sent many prophets and messengers to preach the message of Tawheed to Ins wal Jinn (mankind and the Jinn). Their exact number is not mentioned in either Holy Qur’an or in any of the authentic Ahadeeth. Here is a complete list of the Prophets and messengers of Allah who are mentioned in the Book of Allah Ta’ala, may the blessings and peace of Allah be on all of them.Each prophet as listed below,is respectively identified according to his a) Age b)Period of existence and c)Remarks or identification,as follows:

1). Adam a)950--- 1000b) ???c)The First Human
2). Idris a)83 b) ??? c)Enoch
3). Nooh (M) a)950 b)3900-2900 BC c) Noah and the list goes on with the same set-up 'till the last in prophet Muhammmad (PBUH)
4). Houd a)150 b)2500-2500 BC c)Preached to ‘Ad
5). Saleh a)58 b)2000-1900 BC c)Preached to Thamud
6). Ibrahim (M) a) 175 b)1861-1786 BC c)Abraham
7). Loot a)175 b)1861-1786 BC c)Lot
8). Ismael a)120 or 143 b)1781-1638 BC c)Ishmael
9). Ishaq a)178 or 180 b)1761-1681 BC c)Isaac
10). Yacoub a)147 b)1700 1653 BC c)Jacob
11). Yusuf a)110 b)1610-1500 BC c)Joseph
12). Shuaib ? b)1600 1500 BC c)Preached to Madyan
13). Ayoub a)92 b)1600-1500 BC c)Job
14). Dhu’l-Kifel a)75 b)1600-1500 BC c)Ezekiel
15). Musa (M) a)120 b)1436-1316 BC c)Moses
16). Haroon a)122 b)1436 1317 BC c)Aaron
17). Dawood (M) a)70 b)1439-937 BC c)David
18). Sulaiman a)53 b)985-932 BC c)Solomon
19). Ilyas ? b)9 BC ca. c)Elijah
20). Al-Yas’ ? b)9 BC ca. c)Elisha
21). Yunus ? 8 b)BC ca. c)Jonas
22). Zakaria a)120 b)100 BC 20 AC a)Father of Yahyah.
23). Yahay a)30 b)1 30 AC c)John the Baptist
24). Isa (M) a)33 b)1 33 AC c)Jesus
25). Muhammad (M) a)63 b)571-632 AC c)The Final Messenger (M) - a messenger as well as a prophet of Allah Ta’ala; i.e. one who came with a new message, revelation that confirmed the earlier revelations, but which contained new elements appropriate for its time. (M) - Messenger

MURTAD: "Apostate". Plural: Murtadeen.

MURTADEEN: People who become apostate, i.e. people who become unbelievers after having believed.

MUSA, PEACE BE UPON HIM: Moses. One of the greatest prophets and messengers of Islam.

MUSALLAH: A place for praying that is not a Masjid.

MUSHRIK: A person who commits Shirk. See Shirk.

MUSLIM: Literally means "Submission of will". i.e. to the will of Allah the Almighty. A Muslim is someone who follows the way of Islam, not abandoning what is Fard, keeping within the Hudood of Allah, and following the Sunnah, in what he or she is able. A Muslim is by definition one who is safe and sound, at peace in this world, and promised the Garden in the next world.

MUSTD’AF: One who is considered weak, and therefore is treated in a disrespectful manner. See Holy Qur’an, An-Nisaa (4):75.

MUSTAFA: One of the names of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, meaning "the chosen one’. See Muhammad.

MUSTAHAB: "Recommended". but not obligatory’. See Ahkam.

MUT’A: A temporary marriage. This was permitted in the early period of Islamic history, when the first Muslims were away from their homes for extensive periods of time; but was abrogated by the Holy Prophet Muhammad himself, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, at Khaibar as is related by Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, Sahi Muslim and Sahi Bukhari.

MUTABBAR: Smashed into pieces. Destroyed. See Holy Qur’an. Al-A'raf (7):139.

MUTAFIFEEN: "The people who deal in Fraud". Surah 83 of the Holy Qur’an

MUTHEERA: The fragrant air Jannah (Paradise).

MUZDALLIFA: A site between ‘Arafat and Mina where the Hujjaj (pilgrims) spend the night of the 9th of Dhu’l Hijjah (after coming down from ‘Arafat). See Hajj.

MUZZAMMIL (AL): "The Enshrouded One". Surah 73 of the Holy Qur’an.










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