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last update: August 29, 1999

All of the writings are in public domain. I am retyping them for this site as fast as I can, so please forgive the typos and the slowness with which things are added. I will be adding the shorter articles first.

Charles Henry Mackintosh known world wide as "C.H.M.," was born in 1820 in Country Wicklow, Ireland. He was spiritually stirred when he was eighteen by letters from his sister after her conversion. But is own peace was resolved by the sentence, "It is Christ's work for us, not His work in us, that gives us peace," in J.N. Darby's Operations of the Spirit.

After a time in business in Limerick, in 1844 he opened a school at Westport, undertainging the educational work with enthusiasm. FEaring that the school was becoming his primary interest, rather than Christ's work, he gave it up in 1853, and thereafter concentrated on writing and preaching. He was active in the Irish Revival of 1859-1869, and for twenty-one years edited the magazine, Things New and Old.

It is his writing that has made "C.H.M." so widely known for over a century, particularly his Notes on the Pentateuch, in 1972 issued in a one-volume edition under the title Genesis to Deuteronomy, and Miscellaneous Writings. These continue to be read, and to change lives, around the world.

It is an interesting spiritual commentary on C.H. Mackintosh that his first tract, in 1843, was "The Peace of God," whereas his last, shortly before his death in 1896, was "The God of Peace."

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