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Last update: January 22, 2000

Witness Stand Message Board
Christian Film Reviews

Our Jewish Connection
My commentary
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
Temple Mount Faithful
Jewish calendar year, 6001
Virtual Jerusalem - News

Salvation, the Rapture, the Tribulation and YOU!
Selected writings of C.H. Mackintosh - His commentaries have a great wealth of insight into the Scriptures!
The Glory of Heaven - hard to imagine, but I'll try!
Rapture Ready - A good site for information!
The Rapture Report - Learn about the coming rapture of the church!
A Call to Holiness - How to be rapture ready

Moving towards the fulfillment of prophecy!
Koenig's International News
Last Days World Watch
The Strong Delusion of Today
Prophecy and Current Events - speculation on Rosh Hashana 1999 being a possible time of the rapture. Although obviously not, it contains some very provocative insights anyhow.
Behold! The Bridegroom Cometh!
Major Players in the Mideast Peace Process
Peace Watch
European Union
False Christs, Teachers and Visions

Christian Radio and Bible Teaching on the Internet
Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa - listen to the Bible verse by verse in the wonderful expository sermons by Pastor Chuck Smith. Sermons average between 45-90 minutes. Requires RealPlayer.
Calvary Chapel Home Page - find a Calvary Chapel near you
Chuck Missler's Bible Teaching - He's one of my favorite Bible teachers, but be prepared to take fast notes! He can connect the Old Testament and the New Testament like nobody's business!
Audio Central.Com - Internet Broadcasting for Christians
Christian Radio guide

Other Christian Interest...
Koinonia House Online - Chuck Missler's organization
Biblical Astronomy
Association for Biblical Astronomy
Greg Killian - The Watchman - excellent insight into Biblical astronomy
Oslo Peace Accord News
The Institute for Creation Research
Awesome Sites! - A great resource of links
Biblical Archaeology
Achaeology & the Bible
Wyatt's Archaelogical Research
Goshen.Net - Christian resources

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