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Sean Waltman Action Figures

Here's a partial listing of Sean Waltman action figures and their pictures. I'm getting real close to completing the whole collection and will get pictures up for the rest of them.

The ones with ** indicate the ones I need. Anyone that has these MOMC contact me

Hasbro 1-2-3 Kid** Breakdown Championship Belt Set Jakks Fully Loaded 2
King of the Ring Grudge Match w/Jarret KB Toys SE 5 K-Mart Exclusive Live Wire 2 S.T.O.M.P. 4 Camo Carnage Re-Issue
Wrestlemania Superstar Series 7 Kane and X-Pac Titan Tron Live S.T.O.M.P. 4 Camo Carnage Recalled X-Pac Walmart Exclusive D.T.A.3
Signature Series 4 Titan Tron Live Smackdown KB Exclusive Rock and X-Pac Grduge Match Titan Tron Live HHH and X-Pac Grudge Match
Toys R Us Exclusive Perfect 10 Toys R Us Exclusive TTL Smackdown Wrestlemania Titan Tron Live Series 2 Ames Department Store Exclusive Kane/X-Pac/Austin
Just Toys 1-2-3 Kid Bend-em Superstar 7 3-Pack Breakdown 3-Pack Just Toys X-Pac Bend-em
Inferno Match 3" Lethal Ladder Match 3" TTL Smackdwon Blank Back Error Back Alley Street Fighter
Smackdown Target Exclusive w/Kane Titan Tron Live Series 4 Rebellion Backlash KB Exclusive
House Of Pain Series 1 Wiseguyz 4-Pack Ring Stunners**

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