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Title History

BeltBeatLost to
PWA Light HeavyweightMatt DerringerMatt Derringer
PWA Light HeavyweightJerry LynnRicky Rice
GWF Light HeavyweightJerry Lynn (tourney)Chaz
GWF Light HeavyweightChazJerry Lynn
PWA Tag Team Titles w/Jerry LynnTony Denucci & Tommy FerreraVacated
WCW CruiserweightDean MalenkoChris Jericho
WWF Tag Team w/ Marty JennetyThe QuebecersThe Quebecers
WWF Tag Team w/Bob HollyBam Bam and TatankaThe Smoking Guns
WWF EuropeanD'Lo BrownD'Lo Brown
WWF EuropeanD'Lo BrownShane McMahon
WWF Tag Team w/KaneJeff Jarret and Owen HartThe Acolytes
WWF Tag Team w/KaneThe AcolytesUndertaker and Big Show
WWF Lightheavyweight TitleJeff Hardy

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