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X-Pac Trivia

This is the second in a series of trivia games. This one gets a little bit tougher, but even uneducated fan may be able to pass.


X-Pac Quiz #2

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. Who did Sean beat on Monday Night Raw as "The Kid" to earn his 1-2-3 Kid nickname?

Hulk Hogan
Razor Ramon
Shawn Michaels

2. Who did Sean beat for the first GWF Lightheavyweight Title

Jerry Lynn
Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho

3. How long did the 1-2-3 Kid hold the tag belts with Bob Holly?

2 hours
1 day
1 year
6 months

4. What was the name of Syxx's finishing move

Syxx Shooter
Syxx Factor
Bronco Buzzer

5. Who was Razor Ramon fighting when 1-2-3 Kid stabbed him in the back

Psycho Sid

6. After what PPV, did Sean join WCW

Great American Bash
Fall Brawl
Halloween Havoc

7. Who did Sean share his first WWF Gold with?

Bob Holly
Marty Jannetty
Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Razor Ramon

8.In what city did Sean re-appear as X-Pac in 1998?

Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL
Albany, NY
Atlanta, GA

9. What did Sean say to Hulk Hogan in his shoot speech upon his retruen?

You Suck, Pal
Bite Me, Baldy
I got two words for ya, Hulk. Suck it!
Thank you, oh great one

10. When was Sean born?

October 23, 1979
January 1, 1974
April 9, 1971
July 13, 1972

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