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X-Pac Trivia

Sorry for the long wait, but finally, I have a new game up. This one is specific to .......nothing:-)


X-Pac Quiz #4

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1.When did Sean make his professional debut?

1992 Kid

2. Who was the Lightning Kid's semi-final round opponent in the first LWF LHW Title Tourny?

Jerry Lynn
Steve Simpson
Handsome Stranger

3. According to the PWI Info Alamanac 1990, how tall is Sean?

5' 11"
6' 1"
6' 2"
6' 0"

4. What is the generic name of the X-Factor?

Face Impaler
Jazz Stinger
Face Smacker
Face Plant

5. What was the name of the Lightning Kid's Finishing Manuever

The Hail Storm
Lightning Strike
Lightning Kills
Thunder Storm

6. What kind of move was the Lightning Kid's finisher?

Face Plant
Bronco Buster
Head Scissors Takeover

7. What was Syxx's finisher called?

Syxx Factor
Kid Killer
Kliq Pack

8. What 1993 movie was Sean in?

Cinderella 2000
Satan's Sadists
Crossing The Bridge
Naughty Stewardesses

9. What role did Sean play in that movie?

High School Senior #3
Biker #6
Pilot #1
Prince Charming

10. In what year did Sean jump to WCW?


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