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“Xena Role Play” Characters Alexandra

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  • Character Name: Alexandra (Alex for short and uses it when disguised as a man)
  • Race:Human (possible Demi-god)
  • Age:18 Height:5'10"
  • Build:Athletic
  • Nationality: Amazon (Eastern)
  • Hair:Black Eyes:Steel grey Complexion:Dark
  • Marks: battle scars over body, crescent moon birthmark over left breast

Appearance: Lithe, athletic, yet masculine in appearance, can easily masquerade as a beardless youth and most would not believe she was female until she is undressed.

Personality: Loaner, but will make friends with women. Will mistrust men but will tolerate them to survive. Will defend friends to the death. Has a drive to protect women and children no matter the danger. Loathes enslavers.

Biography: History writes that during the height of Alexander the Great's conquest of Asia, an Amazon Queen from the East traveled to meet Alexander after hearing of his power and strength. Her plan was to mate with Alexander and sire a powerful daughter who would rule and conquer for the Amazon Nation.

She met with Alexander and the 2 spent Thirteen days and nights of passion. On the road back to her home, she becomes ill and dies, never having her child...
so history has written.

The truth is that Alexander sent a few of his men after the queen to enslave her and keep her child in the hopes it was a boy and would raise it as his heir. For a seer proclaimed that the queen was indeed pregnant and that the child will be powerful indeed.

The Amazons fought off Alexander's hounds and managed to keep their queen safe until the child was born. On the day the child was born, Alexander himself led his army against the Amazons to claim his heir. The battle raged hot and long, the queen screamed orders as she screamed will labour. Soon she had her dream...a daughter of Alexander's blood. She named her for her father and that was her last word, for she had died from the labour.

The captain of the queen's guard feared for the child as the battle tipped to Alexander's favour. She took the child and ran through secret tunnels leading away from the Amazon City. She managed to hide amongst a caravan known for trading with the Amazons and rode to the north. She vowed by the goddess that no man will ever touch Alexandra for all of her years.

The years past. Alexandra grew quickly and strong. She was taught the ways of the Amazons as soon as she could walk. She became skilled in the use of the sword, the spear and the bow.

During her adolescence, her body did not grow in the ways most women, even women of her people did. Puberty was late with her, and when she did develop, it was stunted...less pronounced.

This proved to be an advantage to her when she and her foster parent were captured by bandits. They took the only woman she knew as her mother as a slave. When she fought back and killed 4 of their men, they became angry. They ganged up on her, raped her then killed her when they were through. Alexandra in a rage, grabbed a sword and managed to send 4 more to Lady Death. Upon seizing Alexandra, they mistook her for a boy. A youth with such strength and skill surely would fetch a good price in fighting pits.

And this is where Alexandra is found fighting as a champion for gold and acclamation of the crowds.


This RPG list is not Conqueror based. However, from time to time we do write storylines featuring the Conqueror. The following character is one that developed from those storylines, and has fleshed out so well that I felt she deserved a character page of her very own.


Ok, I'll give you the short version. Alex in this world....

Alex is still the illegitamate daughter of Alexander the Great, but she managed to sneak into Alexander's Army when she was old enough. She arranged to have Alexander assinated with Alexander's lover as an accomplice. Her purpose being that she had a secret admiration with the Conquorer and knew that Alexander's army was feeling the strain of thier general's unending thirst for conquest.

She travled to Athens and entered the gladitorial school and spent a year suriviving hoping to be in a game with the Conquorer in attendance. It payed off and she won the championship. She revealed her idol that she was the daughter of Alexander the Great (her biggest rival) was dead by her own hand.

Alex was taken into the palace where she told the Conquorer her life story and how she came to murder her own sire. She managed to work a deal with the Conquorer in which Alex handed over Alexander's entire army and all of Alexander's conquorered lands....which was the entire Middle East and the Silk Road to Asia!

Alex swore fanatical loyalty to the Conquorer and was allowed to rule the land of Persia in the Conquorer's name.

Alex is a fanatic when it comes to the Conquorer. She believes that the Conquorer is divine (rather like Romans believing the Caesers were divine) and set up a cult dedicated to the Conquorer in Persia. She also has a sadistic pleasure in torture.


Created on ... October 16th, 2003