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“Xena Role Play” Characters Echo

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Echo is a wood-nymph. In her teens, she was a hunting companion of goddess Artemis. She ran afoul of the goddess Hera, who cursed her so that she could never speak first- only reply. After her punishment, she trained as a priestess and midwife. Later, she served as a midwife in the harem of a sultan of Persia, where she influenced the destiny of an orphaned slave girl named Callisto. Eventually she left the harem and, along with her husband Lysander, traveled quite a bit (among both the Celts and the Vikings) before settling down near Athens. She is a fine shot with a bow, can perform some magick (glamours and healing spells, mostly), and, oddly enough, can communicate with bats, which she uses as messengers.

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Created on ... October 16th, 2003