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“Xena Role Play” Characters Ephiny

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Favorite Quote: "Death is immediate, if they're lucky."

Ephiny grew up in a Greek Amazon Village and was trained to be a strong, brave woman and Warrior since she was little. When she met Xena and Gabrielle she didn't care for them very much, but they eventually become close friends.

Ephiny is a very serious person and a great Amazon Warrior. She cares a lot about her people and is a good leader. In her heart Ephiny is a soft but she's also a strong person who fights for what she believes in and for those she loves. Nevertheless, she can be also be viscious in battle. It has always been her aim to make the Amazon Nation strong and was a steadfast supporter of Gabrielle and her right to the Amazon throne.

I found some good Ephiny pics. Here's the URLS : ) http://mrvideo.vidiot.com/Contrib/Xena/images/ephiny.gif http://www.xenite.org/xor/pics/ephiny.jpg http://www.whoosh.org/issue33/graphics/ephiny.jpg http://screamingxenas.com/xwp-reviews/images/artcaps/ng-mi-ephiny.jpg http://www.angelfire.com/la/cyane/images/ephi.jpg http://www.xena.com/cast/images/ephiny1.jpg http://www.warrior-dream.com/characters/ephiny1.jpg Pick your favourite ones. They're all pretty cool : )

Created on ... December 3rd, 2003