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“Xena Role Play” Real Life Page

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Xena Lorber role plays...who else?.....Xena on the list. She lives in Fort St. John, British Columbia with her Lifemate Kas (who RPs Gabrielle on list). They share their home with two dogs (Bear the Wonder Dog , a 110lb Newfoundland/Rough Collie mix and Chelsea, the Queen of All Things, a Cocker Spaniel that is as cute as a pup, despite her being older than Zeus ).

Argo n momXena spends a lot of time at the stable working with, training, and just plain enjoying the bond with her horse, Argo. Unlike the horse on Xena: Warrior Princess, this Argo is not a Palomino, but a flaxen chestnut. She's a registered Morgan, and the smartest, most affectionate horse Xena has ever owned/trained. She refers to her as a “Dog in a horse suit.” It took three horses to play “Argo” on television...this Argo does it all without benefit of a stunt crew. Xena wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Xena has studied martial arts for many years and holds high ranking black belts in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Jeet Kune Do. She also studies Chin Na, the ancient art of using pressure points in hand to hand combat.

She also does work as a celebrity look alike. If you would like to access her business page please go to SDQ Designs Xena-look-a-like at the bottom of the page is another link that will access a more informative Real Life Personal Page. Feel free to email her with questions or suggestions for the site.

ChelseaUPDATE: Sadly, we lost Chelsea recently due to old age. She hung on like a Champ far longer than we thought she may, but in the end it was kinder to let her go than watch her struggle daily. She will be sadly missed. Chelsea

We have a new addition to our family... “Jace”, a small mixed breed dog of unknown origin (the vet won’t even guess at what breeds are in there!). To look at him we are guessing Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and maybe some dachsund and terrier. Gods only know for sure! At any rate, he doesn’t take Chelsea’s place at all, but he does add to our family and the enjoyment of our lives. He's a special little dog.

Xena’s hobbies include dog showing, horse showing, and anything to do with the martial arts. A homebody at heart, she enjoys spending quiet evenings at home with her Lifemate, just enjoying being in love.

Xena’s favourite X:WP quote is a toss up between “Even in death, Gabrielle...I will never leave you.” and “What’s the matter? One woman too much for you?”

Her favourite episodes are too numerous to count, but “The Lost Mariner”, “Lyre Lyre”, “Hearts on Fire” and “The Quest” are in the top ten at least.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
----Dr. Seuss
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“Xena Role Play”

This page last updated Thursday, 04-Nov-2004 21:14:30 EST by the webmaster.

Xena_RP@yahoogroups.com is a small but close knit group of Xenites who not only enjoy role playing in the Xenaverse, but enjoy sharing their lives with each other as well. Not your average RP group, nothing is considered “off topic” and there is a lot of good natured bantering and chat mixed in with the adventures. **Meaning it’s an ADULT group. You know what that means.**

Members can create their own characters or role play as well known Xenaverse characters. However, there is only one character to a member..(i.e. there is one Xena, one Gabrielle, one Ares....there are no doubles). We also RP circa 3rd/beginning of 4th seasons. We are Hope and Eve-less. So that means people who they killed are still happily alive. So don't be fooled when you don’t see a short haired Gabby slashing people with sais. Also, we use the original chakram, not the weird lil yin-yang, separating evil chakram. *LOL.. I think it’s evil at least*

There are still some very key and well known characters not being played at the moment so feel free to check us out and apply to join the group. We love to meet new people and will look forward to having you join our fun and dedicated RP group. Please refer to the rules page to learn more about our RPG!

Although this group has different levels of writing skills, we do ask that you have at least a high school level understanding of English, grammar, spelling, etc. In order to join this list. If you do not meet these requirements it’s still possible to take part by asking somebody to Beta read for you (check for errors before a RPG chapter is posted). We welcome everyone, but like to be able to post easily readable chapters for our members to read. Thanks for understanding. : )

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Contact Xena Lorber for info on joining our merry band of Bards, Warriors and Wenches.

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