These clips are all about 30 seconds long. They also require a special plugin. To get this plugin click here.

Video Source Format
Nice Guys Finish Last(whole!) Vidnet .VIV
Basket Case MTV .MOV
Brain Stew Reprise Records .MOV
Brain Stew/Jaded MTV .MOV
Chump Live On 120 Minutes MTV .MOV
Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life) MTV .MOV
Geek Stink Breath MTV .MOV
Hitchin' A Ride MTV .MOV
Jaded Reprise Records .MOV
Longiew Addicted To Noise Quick Time
Paper Lanterns - Live in Chicago '94 MTV .AVI
Redundant MTV .MOV
Stuck With Me Torgo .MOV
Walking Contradiction MTV .MOV
When I Come Around - Woodstock '94 MTV .MOV

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