Amy Grant

It takes a little time sometimes
To get your feet back on the ground
It takes a little time sometimes
To get the Titanic turned back around
It takes a little time sometimes
But baby you're not going down
It takes more than you've got right now
Give it time

What's this walking through my door
I know I've seen the look before
Sometimes on the faces in the street
Sometimes in the mirror looking back at me

You can't fix this pain with money
You can't rush a weary soul
You can't sweep it under the rug now, honey
But it don't take a lot to know


Well it may not be over by morning
But Rome wan't built in a day
You can name this thing a thousand times
But it won't make it go away

Let me put my arms around you
And hold you while you weep
We've been talking and talking
I'm sick of this talk
And it's nothing that won't keep