"Sugar Cane"
Space Monkeys

This is the tale I'm afraids unfolding
Mini earthquakes and a gun unloading
Volleys of thoughts into the back of my brain
Taking me over like rock cocaine
I don't do junk but I'm familiar with the feeling
The ghosts are so close I can hear them breathing
Spitting their file down the back of my throat
Aint you ever wondered why they call it dope
I used to run around with a head like a soupcan
Speeding like a train, popping pills like pac-man
But beneath my skin and along my spine
I could feel a fleet of cockroaches prying
Waiting for me to take my first hit
But I knew right then I didn't need that shit
Like a window reflecting time
I'm livin' on a planet of my own design

Yeah, woah I can feel the sugar cane flow
Every time I change my mind (2x)

Its like the man said, you gotta move on up
You didn't try to get high you're gonna come unstuck
Like knocked down skittles on a pinball game
You gotta spread your mind, you know what I'm saying
Beneath the shadow of a moth you hide
When the troubles that you face become magnified
You can take your life or you can take religion
But who wants to be one of God's carrier pigeons
Spreading the message like grandmaster flash
Or some devil on a trolley dash
Collecting souls and picking up receipts
You never taste the poison when the sugar's so sweet
And you're praying the game remains the same
Every time you dip a spoon into your eggcup brain
When the clock strikes one, put out the streamers
Its gonna be a good day for the dreamers

Chorus (2x)

Sweet sugar cane
In on me brain
I don't wanna, I don't wanna go insane (2x)

Third verse same as the first
Only this time the sugar hits you in reverse
Spins you around, puts you in a dream
Turns your mind into an elephant balloon machine
Theres a trap set but you shot right through it
Quicker than the human eye like Hong Kong Phooey
You forget about the funk that you been dragged into
Surfin' a high you suck the last glass splinter
Out of your heart and its a brand new summer
No longer are youjust another young blade runner
You're a player in a game that requires no pieces
Rules are just restrictions that the state releases
As the world spins off its hinge
We're all too busy analysing things
But like I said you know how I'm defined
I'm livin' on a planet of my own design

Chorus (2x)