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        Welcome to PHASE II of ZAPPA WEB.  When I made the original ZAPPA WEB, It lacked, well let's just say ANY QUALITY AT ALL WHATSOEVER!! So now here is ZAPPA WEB PHASE II, which I promise will be much more organized, and GOOD. It is currently under HEAVY construction, but will be up soon. The next few sentences are a description of the things that will be put up.  For starters there will be no Trivia section.  The trivia section on the original sucked, and was way TOO hard to maintain.  The bibliography will now have lots of info, including (hopefully) lyrics, (definitely) a list of every track and (definitely) MIDI sound bytes, and quite possibly some REAL audio sounds.  I will have an Image gallery later, but it won't be crappy (like the last one), and will have descriptions of every image.  I will also try to compile a guest book, and Maybe a media section, I'm definitely gonna include some links, and I'll probably think of other things later on.

    If you wanna find out some info on Zappa himself, DON'T look here.  There are LOTS of great books on him.  You might wanna check out


which is the Zappa autobiography.  It is very funny, and it includes some P.M.R.C. hearings, which are cool. It also includes some interesting opinions from FZ on many subjects.

   You should also check out


This is a compilation of articles, reviews etc. Dealing with Frank.  It has some great articles  It also has a couple REALLY good ones. Check out the one by Slonimsky!!!



is very complicated and compares Frank to Philosophers.  I haven't really read it, but I have heard by many that it's really complicated and well......kind of boring? But hey..who am I to say that, read it yourself, see if you like it. I'm gonna read it eventually so.....?????

    Personally, I don't have a favorite album, because I pretty much love every album I own or have heard.  To name a few a good ones: Uncle Meat, 200 Motels, Lather, Shut Up 'n Play Yer' Guitar, One Size Fits All, Does Humor Belong in Music, Absolutely Free, Roxy and Elsewhere(These albums are in no particular order at all whatsoever)...there are a bunch more albums that are really great, and even more great than the ones I have listed.  In the future, I will put reviews of lots of Albums, and I 'll try to get a compilation of reviews from other people on the Web.

    There are a bunch of other FZ books, but most of em' I've never picked up. You can find most any Zappa book (except THEM OR US) at http://www.amazon.com, and you can buy Zappa CDs and cassettes at these sites:  http://www.cdnow.comhttp://www.cduniverse.comhttp://www.musicboulevard.com or go to http://www.bmg.com (you must be a member of BMG to buy cds there. It's wise to join. Once you buy a CD at full price all other CDs are really cheap!)  You can also buy anything ZAPPA from Barfko Swill, which is on the Real Frank Zappa Page.   Here you can find music, books, sheet music, even Zappa Wrapping paper!


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