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. .. . . .kesTV .. .. .. .is a website aiming to promort experimental video art and film in the rebublic of maldives...... but you dont have to be a maldivian citizen

and if you make films or videos or animations send it in........ and let others see it x-change thoughts views and ideas

send your films though e-mail to us or if you would like to send it through post e-mail us and tell us and we will send you the details....

if you are sending through e-mail make it a 360 X 240 guick time and windows and mac compressions formats are fine.

your creativity will be fully respected and we would not make any changes or any kind rediting will not be done and there is no such thing as censorship here

.......and let use know if you want us to include your e-mail address and anything else you want to say about your work.....