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Thank you for visiting the Zillahs Lamp homepage. Zillahs Lamp is a fanzine that contains xerox art, poetry, music reviews, sculptures, drawings, short stories, paintings, rants, collages and many other interests of delight. Zillahs Lamp also includes interviews with such bands as The Changelings, Switchblade Symphony, Wraith, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Electric Hellfire Club, U-N-I, Vertigo Blue, Autumn, Randolph's Grin, Faith and the Muse and many others. The main feel of the zine is darkwave, horror, ambient, experimental, surrealism, industrial, the macabre, performance art, psychadelia, Victorian, esoteric and the beyond.

If you feel that your work will fit the theme of this zine, you can either e-mail your submisions to or you can send them to me at the address below. Please send copies of your work or send 3 stamps so that I may return your originals. On the other side, if you would like to buy an issue of Zillahs Lamp just send $2.00(cash or money order) to the address below. Please no checks. Make money orders out to bear wilder. IT WILL NOT COST MONEY TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK.

bear wilder
Zillahs Lamp
6633 W. Airport Blvd., #701
Houston, TX 77035

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The masses have visited the beyond times.

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