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SilverHawk's Page

Welcom to my homepage. I am ALWAYS chainging my page, so frequently stop in and see the changes. Thank you

Well everyone wants to know all about me. So if you are here for the dirt on me go here.

I know everone does this, but I am doing it anyway. I am listing all my friends (in ABC order) ApplePie, Ayla, Coccoa, Doc, Gandalf, genaro, Helmet, Jaded, Kisses, Kublai, LadyLove, Lula, Mojo, Mudshark, Phantom, Pulp, Schotzie, Silk, Skiddy and Youveheardofme.If I have forgoten anyone please mail me and you can yell at me for it.

Becoase she is so much more then a friend, I am listing LadyHawk here. We have been talking for almost 3 years now. If you talk with the same person for almost 3 years, It really means something.

Check out LadyHawk'shomepage. Read her "Internet Love stories" and, if you have an internet love life, mail your story to her, and she will put it up for everone to read.

Check out Ladyhawk’s brotherPhantomsHomepage and look for his clues about his age. See if you can figure out how old he is.

Have a look at Helmet's homepage.And be sure to look at the McDonalds top 10. (I use work at Mcdonalds and I can tell you that most of that stuff is TRUE)

Check out some of this free stuff!!!

Guestbook by Lpage


These following links are for "Guys only". Ladys, if you go to any of these links and are offended, insulted, if you feel any resentment towards me or any male figure. I have just one thing to say. GOOD. You have been warned.

Guys, Go here to check you my "Guys Stuff" page. If you have ANY comments or ideas to add to it, PLEASE mail them to me.

Beautiful women. I love them. You love them. So click here to see some VERY beautiful women. And please. if you have any you would like to see on this page. Please mail them to me. And I will put them up as soon as possible.



Guys stuff