Screaming Eagles Through Time
April 1971


April 1 - Troopers of Co. B, 3rd Bn., 506th Inf., arrived just in time to save the life of a local village chief about to be executed by an NVA terrorist band near FB Tomahawk. the enemy fled from their jungle enclave when Screaming Eagles approached, leaving their prisoner bound and gagged, but still alive.

April 2 - "Geronimos" of Co. D, 1st Bn., 501st Inf., discovered a cave 20 miles west of Quang Tri containing 30 60mm mortar rounds, 20 B-40 rockets, 20 rucksacks, and more than 100 protective masks.

April 5 - "Currahees" of Co. B, 2nd Bn., 506th Inf., reacted to a probe of their NDP by an unknown sized enemy force near FB Vandergrift by killing five NVA soldiers and capturing three AK-47s.

April 9 - The CP of the 3rd Brigade moved back to Camp Evans today from Camp Carroll with the conclusion of Operation Lam Son 719.

April 14 - The 2nd Bn., 320th Arty., along with elements of the 1st Bn., 327th Inf., combat assaulted onto FB Fury in order to conduct an artillery raid on the A Shau Valley. During their brief stay on the hilltop firebase, the 105mm battery delivered continuous fire on enemy positions and supply routes, resulting in the destruction of one enemy truck and numerous bunkers, fighting and antiaircraft positions. Today's raid marked the opening of Operation Lam San 720.

April 15 - The Screaming Eagle Replacement Training School (SERTS) graduated its 1000th class after more than five years of operation in RVN.

April 17 - The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm was received by Major General Thomas M. Tarpley on behalf of the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) at a victory celebration in Hue marking the successful conclusion of operation Lam Son 719.

April 18 - Medics from the 1st Bn., 502nd Inf., saved the lives of three Vietnamese civilians while on MEDCAP mission near Hue. Two of the victims were involved in a motorcycle accident, and the third was injured by a VC mine minutes before the MEDCAP team arrived. The "First Strike" medics administered emergency first aid treatment and called in a "dustoff" to transport the wounded Vietnamese to the 85th Evacuation Hospital in Phu Bai.

April 22 - "Above the Rest" infantrymen from the 1st Bn., 327th Inf., staged a successful pre-dawn ambush along a trail in the A Shau Valley, killing five NVA soldiers and capturing a mortar tube, small arms ammunition, explosives, grenades and individual weapons.