Screaming Eagles Through Time
June 1971


June 1 - "Drive On" troops of Co. C, 2nd Bn., 501st Inf., discovered eight newly constructed enemy bunkers near FB Tomahawk containing over 100 lbs. of rice and 14 60mm mortar rounds.

June 3 - A & B Co's, 1st Bn., 506th Inf., discovered 48 enemy bunkers near FB Gladiator containing 14 cases of 12.7mm ball ammunition and 6 mortar rounds.

June 4 - Cobras from C Btry., 4th Bn., 77th Arty. (ARA), in support of elements from the 1st ARVN Division, engaged an enemy force resulting in nine KIA's just east of the A Shau Valley.

June 5 - "Death on Call" Cobras from B Btry., 4th Bn., 77th Arty. (ARA), in one of the largest battlefield actions in recent months, killed 60 NVA soldiers and destroyed one mortar position, resulting in six secondary explosions, 20 miles west of Quang Tri.

June 6 - Twelve NVA were killed and seven bunkers destroyed when Cobras from B Battery, 4/77th, were called in to support the 4th Bn., 2nd Rgt. (ARVN), which was in contact with an enemy force of unknown size near the A Shau Valley.

June 7 - in the fourth consecutive day of heavy action for the ARA, B & C Btry's, 4/77th, engaged three NVA companies near the Rockpile area, resulting in 23 KIA's.

June 8 - A recon element from the 2nd Bn., 502nd Inf., discovered 60 enemy bunkers with overhead cover and 40 fighting positions northwest of FB Birmingham.

June 11 - "First Strike" troopers from Co. C, 1st Bn., 502nd Inf., while on routine patrol in the jungles near FB Veghel, discovered two large enemy huts with adjoining underground bunkers containing 20 B-40 rockets and one 60mm mortar aiming sight. Nearby the infantrymen found six freshly dug enemy graves.

June 18 - After receiving enemy small arms fire early this morning while deployed in the NDP near FB Barbara, the 2nd Brigade's Aero-Rifle platoon called for ARA for support to suppress the enemy. A first light search of the surrounding area revealed three bunkers destroyed by ARA and two observation platforms holding 16 B-40 rockets, 16 mortar rounds, and 1 AK-47, abandoned. A more extensive search later in the day revealed a hut and adjoining bunker guarded by six boobytraps. The BBT's were discovered and dismantled without injury.

June 18 - Colonel Richard J. Tallman became commander of the 3rd Brigade of the 101st.

June 21 - Lieutenant Colonel William E. Crouch, Jr. became the 101st Aviation Group commander for the 101st.

June 26 - Brigadier General James F. Hamlet was assigned to the 101st today as Assistant Division Commander (Support). Also today, Co. C, 1st Bn., 506th Inf., caught an enemy with his pants down when they spotted an NVA trooper bathing in stream while two comrades provided security. The three enemy fled when Screaming Eagles opened fire, leaving behind three rucksacks and a complete NVA uniform.

June 27 - Thirty Vietnamese orphans from Hue visited Camp Eagle to attend a morning chapel service followed by an outdoor picnic sponsored by the 2nd Sqdn., 17th Cav.

June 30 - Brigadier General John G. Hill became Assistant Division Commander (Operations), of the 101st.