Screaming Eagles Through Time
30 October 2003



Decorated Crow World War II veteran Barney Old Coyote, left, places Crow Chief Robert Yellowtail's war bonnet on Pvt. Barry Glenns head as part of a ceremony at Billings Logan Airport, Mont., on Wednesday to welcome the soldier home from Iraq. Glenn, 29, is with the 101st Airborne and will return to Iraq in two weeks. James Woodstock, Billings Gazette / AP Photo


Spc. John Vanhook, from Maysville, Ky., with the 101st Airborne Division's "Rakkassan" Regiment, mans his machine gun during a Tuesday night patrol in Tallafal, Iraq. Joe Raedle / Getty Images 


Sgt. Richardson with the 101st Airborne "Rakkassan" Regiment patrols the streets Tuesday night in Tallafal. Richardson and other soldiers continue to try to stabilize the region near the Syrian border. Joe Raedle / Getty Images 


Soldiers from the 101st Airborne "Rakkassan" Regiment set up a check point as they patrol the streets Tuesday in Tallafal. Joe Raedle / Getty Images


Cpl. Curtis Laymon, from Wichita, Kan., with the 101st Airborne "Rakkassan" Regiment, looks under the hood of a vehicle after a checkpoint was established Wednesday in Ninewa Province, Iraq. The soldiers were on patrol to find petroleum or weapons smugglers in the region of Iraq close to the Syrian border. Joe Raedle / Getty Images


Locals follow Sgt. 1st Class Jeffry Wells from Florala, Ala., with the 101st Airborne "Rakkassan" Regiment, after up a checkpoint was set up Wednesday in Ninewa Province. Joe Raedle / Getty Images


The reflection of Cpl. Curtis Laymon, from Wichita, Kan., with the 101st Airborne "Rakkassan" Regiment, is seen in a pool of oil from the Iraqi-Turkey oil pipeline that was blown apart two weeks ago in Ninewa Province. Laymon is part of an effort to stop saboteurs from blowing up oil pipelines in the hopes that the oil produced will be a major source of revenue for Iraq. Joe Raedle / Getty Images


Army Sgt. 1st Class Jeffry Wells, from Florala, Ala., left, and Cpl. Curtis Laymon from Wichita, Kan., with the 101st Airborne "Rakkassan" Regiment, look at the damaged Iraqi-Turkey oil pipeline Wednesday in Ninewa Province. Joe Raedle / Getty Images 


US soldiers on patrol in Mosul, October 24, 2003. The US-led coalition confirmed that a soldier was killed as he guarded a grain silo in the northern Iraqi city. AFP/File/Joseph Barak