Screaming Eagles Through Time
Spc. Rodriguez


On this page are two more pictures from Spc. Rodriguez's wife, along with a poem that he wrote for her earlier this year. She also let me know that I already had a picture of her husband on the web site... on the home page, in the picture of the Black Hawk helicopter dropping off a patrol. Spc. Rodriguez is the RTO (radio telephone operator) on the left.


Spc. Rodriguez (front row, on the right) and his squad.


On the way to Baghdad!

A Message From Iraq
I am fighting here in Iraq
Wishing everyday that I could go back.
Back to the days where gunshots aren't ringing
Back to the nights of peacefully dreaming.
Endless nights of bombs exploding
Constant feeling of my heart exposing.
The true fear that is deep inside
The true fear that's in every eye.
Dreaming beside my beautiful wife
Loving much more of everyday life.
Seeing these people and the poverty they live
Makes me thankful for the blessings God gives.
Praying that God will see me thru
So each and every day I can be closer to you.
Close enough to see her eyes
To release the feeling trapped inside.
18 April 2003
Spc. Rodriguez