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My husband, Carl H. Boyd, is looking for members of his units (41st, 459th and 43rd Signal Battalions) in Viet Nam.  He remembers last names only (Thomas, Kincaid, Day, Morris and Sgt. Wilbur) He's trying to verify some incidents and get in touch with those persons who would remember him and the incidents.

He started in Co. D, 459th Signal from 1/69-7/69 - Nha Trang

From there he transferred to Co. B, 41st Signal, from 7/69-12/69 - Vung Chua Moutain.

Finally, he was in Co. B, 43rd Signal from 12/69-2/70 - Quin Nhon - Pleiku

He moved around a lot so we aren't sure the exact place where the incidents happened.  He was sent to Phu My and An Khe and Quin Nhon on Vung Chua Mountain during his year in Viet Nam and other places for short periods of time to help out. 

The incidents involving the ROK soldiers:    The first incident was while he was on guard duty alone.  He remembers a rocket attack and a Lt. running up the stairs to him.  But he didn't know who it was because of the noise and yelling.  When the door opened, he pulled the trigger of his rifle.  It was the Lt. saying it's o.k. Boyd.  By then my husband had pulled the trigger, but it was on safety.  He heard later that ROK soldiers had the wrong coordinates and fired on them by accident.  He also heard that the soldiers were executed within days of the incident. 

The second incident involved his friend named Ghost.  Ghost went into the village and found out that some ROK soldiers had raped the ten year child of his Vietnamese girlfriend.  He found the soldiers and started fighting with them.  The soldiers either killed him or hurt him so badly that they shipped him out.  Carl and some other friends went to the village to find the Koreans, but it was too late.  They never saw their friend Ghost again.

Another incident involved he and some friends in town in "off-limits" areas.  This kid signaled them that the MPs were coming.  The MPs chased them and they ran on the tops of the people's houses, which fell in.  To get away, they had to jump this high wall and one guy that wasn't with them, but was running too, couldn't make the jump because he was short.  The other guys took the wall and passed him up.  Carl said the guy kept saying, "help me, help me, brother!" Carl stopped and helped him up, but almost got caught because he was laughing so hard at this guy jumping up and down trying to get over the wall.

Another incident involved being in the village in a hooch filled with smoke.  When the smoke cleared after about an hour, he and his friends were face to face with some VC soldiers.  Everybody was paralyzed with fear and amazement at seeing VC up close, instead of being sniped at and papasan said, "G.I., be cool, ok?"  Each side backed out of the hooch and went their separate ways.

One last incident we know happened on Vung Chua Mountain.  He and Thomas (his last name) were bringing village women to the mess hall.  The mountain was muddy and slippery and the truck started sliding backwards off the mountain.  Thomas jumped from the truck and Carl was trying to getting the girl sitting in between him on the front seat to let go of the steering wheel.  She had panicked and couldn't let go.  He had to hit her and throw her out of the truck.  He then jumped and fell on his back.  The truck went over the mountain and hit the ground below. 

During all these incidents, he was attached to the 21st Signal Group, if that helps.  Please let us know if anyone remembers these incidents or can provide a map of the Tiger location or any of the other places mentioned above.  

Thank you.

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