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Vanity time, I guess. Did a Google search on my name, just to see what would show up and then saw the page by Bill Thornton, mentioning Bob De Paola and me. Wow, what a memory there, Bill.

I was with Plans and Training, Regional Communications Group, at Phu Tho, too. Came in country in August 1969 and finally left at the end of June, 1971, and got off active duty.

Tom Rollo was also with us and made SSG just before getting out. Don Shannon and Peter Crane were two Page guys associated with us. Then Col John Hoover was the Group Commander. He got his first star after going back stateside.

I was reading some of the guest book notes and see that I am not the only one who has stayed around in the Reserve side of the house, per Jeffrey Bryant's post. I, too, proudly, still wear the Jagged Sword on the right shoulder.

Thanks for time and reading along.

1st Signal Brigade
United States Army
Republic of Viet Nam
Updated 06/21/2003

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