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Glad to see this site is coming alive! I still haven't seen anyone from my old site in Qui Nhon.  We were on the beach towards L.S.T. Beach.  There were two other signal units on our site, I think one was the 43rd but not sure. Also a 439 cable site at the base of VC Mountain with air force personnel.

We were constructing a tropo site on the mountain. I was there when it was mortared and attacked does anyone remember??? If so please get back to me.  My memory is getting foggy!

I used to run convoys to Ankhe and Pleiku.  This was January '67 'till December '68.  I did 2 tours there and was going to be shipped to the 6th Armored Cav. in the Delta, but the 1st shirt talked me into staying. 

I would love to hear from old friends.  I didn't get to the reunion in D.C. but hope they have another. Please let me know if they do! 


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