Paul Fujinaga


Operated my secondary MOS, 32D20, at AKE and QNH.  My name in the logs was Papa Kilo Foxtrot.  Worked most of the time in activations.  

Some guys with whom I served (alphabetical order):  

AKE: Booker, Brymer, Dunmire, Morrison, Tinsley, Vogan.  

QNH: Bagley, Barkalow, Behr, Beran, Bowe, Chu, Carrocio, Coulter, Cruz, Gilmore, Hans, Jones, McMann, Nakano, Oskermeyer, Porterfield, Ramirez, Robellatta, Rogers, Ruddick, Rugeroni, Shipley, Tompkins, Underwood, Walker, Walthers, Witlocks, Wimmer, Yoshino.  

You guys did a terrific under trying conditions.  Will always remember the long days: a 12-hour shift + 4-hours of guard duty...


1st Signal Brigade
United States Army
Republic of Viet Nam
Updated 10/26/2003

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