Stan W. King


I served with the Avn Det of the 2nd Sig Gp of the 1st Signal Bde from Nov 69 -Nov 70 at Long Thanh North AAF, (With lots of TDY all over SEA) as a pilot flying U-21's. We had a two -fold mission, flying Radio Relay missions as well as executive & cargo transport. We provided Aviation both fixed wing and helicopter to all the Signal folks in RVN. Those of us flying U-21's also supported the folks in Thailand ; usually a week at a time, based in Bangkok. 

Our call sign was Satellite and trust me the sweetest words in the English language was when they read your IFR clearance to you and it started with "Satellite _ _, you're cleared to the Bangkok airport". 

Major Tommy Randall was the CO of the Det. the latter part of my tour and Maj Bob Price (Major, Major) was my CO initially. Both great bosses. 

Regards to all, Stan W. King

1st Signal Brigade
United States Army
Republic of Viet Nam
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