William Reynolds


Hi there. Well, lets see, I started off with the 54th Signal Battalion in Nha Trang in June of 1970. While with the 54th I served on several detachments in the Central Highlands. 

I was with the 1/10 Cavalry 4th Infantry at An Khe. The173 AB at L.Z. English. ARVN unit at Duc Co.  Korean unit at Quin Nhon. MACV team at Gia Nghia. One or two more I can't remember there names. 

When the 54th went home in February of 1971 I was transferred to the 459th there in Nha Trang. I was only with the 459th for about two weeks then I was sent to Cam Rahn Bay to the 1st Sig Brigade. Then I was sent to Da Lat for a short stay. Then to MACV team 38 in Bao Loc with the 556th Sig Co for the balance of my tour. 

I just about covered everything you could see in the Central Highlands from the Ocean  to the Cambodian border.  HA HA and it didn't cost me a cent....



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