Les Saulibio


Aloha Guys,

I'm Les Saulibio and new to this group. Its nice to see a place with other Vietnam era Signal Dogs for a change. I was assigned to the Nha Trang Signal Battalion and worked at the Autodin Switching Center at the edge of Camp McDermott. I was trained as a computer peripheral repairman but never got to repair any of it due to the civilian contractors on site. So I worked Traffic Control for most of the time I was there. I was in Nha Trang from 68 to 70. 

I am a retired First Sergeant and now work in a Comm Center at Kwajalein Missile Range in the Marshall Islands. I got some recently scanned pictures I will begin posting to this site. If any of you guys recognize anybody in these pics, please contact me at
lsaulibio@hotmail.com, or saulibio@kmr.ll.mit.edu.


1st Signal Brigade
United States Army
Republic of Viet Nam
Updated 04/22/2003

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